5 Things You Need Before Starting Your Winter Workout

5 Things You Need Before Starting Your Winter Workout

Cold weather shouldn't keep you cooped up inside, especially if you enjoy going on a morning jog outdoors. From fleece-lined leggings to insulated tennis shoes, our list of winter running gear will keep you warm all season long.

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New Balance Heat Loft Asymmetrical Jacket

This asymmetrical jacket by New Balance is the perfect combo of fashion and function. It's made with NB Dry technology that wicks sweat away from the body to keep you dry, while the HeATloft knit fabric retains heat to ensure you stay warm throughout your entire workout. Use the two front zip pockets to secure your phone and keys as you run.

Buy It! $120; dickssportinggoods.com


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TrailHeads Ponytail Headband

Thanks to this ponytail headband you no longer have to style your hair a certain way to keep your ears warm. Made from super soft fleece fabric, this ear warmer features a loop in the back to hold your hair in place — you may not even need a hair tie! The band's shape is designed to give you the most coverage around your ears without feeling bulky everywhere else.

Buy It! $17 (usually $20); amazon.com

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Nike Quilted 2.0 Women's Running Gloves

Finding a pair of workout gloves that keep your hands warm without making your palms sweat can be a challenge, but Nike has it down. When you slip on these lightweight gloves for your next outdoor workout your hands will be comfortably toasty and dry. They are made from sweat-wicking quilted fabric that also allows you to use your touch-screen device unhindered.

Buy It! $30; nike.com

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Under Armour Base 4.0 Leggings

Sure, you can wear running tights to retain some heat during your winter workout, but have you tried fleece-lined leggings? This pair by Under Armour has a sleek style you can match with almost any activewear and features four-way stretch thermal grid fabric that traps heat longer than normal leggings. The ultra soft fleece is so cozy you'll want to wear them even when you're not working out!

Buy It! $85; underarmour.com

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Low Lace-Up Snow Sneakers

Finally, a pair of running shoes that keep your feet warm without bulky thermal socks. These shoes have a unique design featuring lugged rubber outsoles to give you extra traction on slippery surfaces. Plus, they are stain resistant, waterproof, lightweight, and (best of all) insulated, making them perfect for running in the snow.

Buy It! $109; llbean.com


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