Frog FimoCreations Sculpture, Papa

Our elegant Papa Frog Sculpture by Jon Anderson balances lifelike shape and form with an expressive mosaic-like process to produce a singularly beautiful evocation of natural beautyThe artist lays hundreds of home-fired polymer clay tiles into the piece by hand, creating a marvelous flow of color and pattern that differs slightly from piece to piece - no two FimoCreations Papa Frog Sculptures are exactly identicalYours is a one-of-a-kind collector's item as well as FimoCreations Papa Frog Sculptures are exactly identicalYours is a one-of-a-kind collector's item as well as an exquisite gift ideaPair it with the Mama Frog and Baby Frog Fimo Sculptures to create an eye-catching displayAbout FimoCreationsEach one-of-a-kind Jon Anderson's Fimo Creations polymer clay sculpture comes in a gift box made with recycled paper, as well as an informative biography of visionary artist Jon Anderson. Each elephant, frog, gecko, turtle, snake..polymer clay piece has its own look - No Two Fimo Creations Sculptures Are Exactly AlikeUsing a polymer. Every piece boasts its own array of colors and shapes, and is sure to please dedicated collectors and hobbyist nature fans alike. About Jon AndersonThe creative vision of artist Jon Stuart Anderson is evidenced by his dedication to the art of polymer clay. Each and every piece that he creates exemplifies his respect for the craft as well as reflects his personal life experience in Central America, the Far East, and now Bali. This inspiration is combined with his intellectual pursuits of classical Moorish motifs, Native American spirits, Celtic themes, and ancient petroglyphs which appear in the beautiful patterns of his unique artwork. Born in Arizona, Jon was educated at the Universidad de Las Americas under St. Julia Chavez, a portrait artist to the Spanish Court (a position formerly held by Francisco Goya). He received a Masters Degree from Texas A&M before continuing in the medium of polymer clay to express his unique sense of balance, rhythm, form, and color. About the ProcessUsing a polymer or non-terrestrial clay, Jon blends colors to create a striking variety of magnificent hues. He creates his own "canes" of colored clay that are then laid out to form the shape he envisions, then the canes are cut down into tiny individual tiles. Each Fimo Creations sculpture is crafted from hundreds of these tiles, applied in a range of patterns and shifting shades to an interior form of hand-carved wood or leftover clay. The unique shapes and colors of the tiles, along with the varying use of patterns, give each creature a distinct personality. Completed sculptures are repeatedly fired and cooled, sometimes creating tiny fissures or "crazing" that further distinguishes each piece in its originality. When the firing process is complete, each piece is hand-finished for brilliant satin appearance. read more