Levi's Is Letting You Customize Your Jeans with Future Finish — Here's What We're Creating

Customize Your Own Jeans Thanks to Levi's Future Finish

What Is Levi's Future Finish?: Future Finish is the new frontier of denim — totally designed by you, using advanced laser technology to customize your jeans with rips, fades, and patterns just the way you like it. Levi's have always been iconic, but now you can put your own spin on the classics. (Highly futuristic, no?) And since these designs are made digitally, fewer chemicals are used in the finishing process, reducing the environmental impact. We're officially sold.

How It Works

How to Use Future Finish: Start with a pair of jeans — 721 High-Rise Skinny or 501 high-rise shorts for girls, or 501 Original or 502 Taper for guys. Then, choose the shade you're into: indigo sky, which is a classic medium blue, or indigo night, a deep blue. Now, here's where it really gets fun. If you want a pattern embossed on your jeans, you can pick from Levi's presets featuring everything from a "natural worn" effect to a leopard print. From there, choose the level of wear (whether you want to break in the denim completely yourself or give it more of a worn-in feel) and add a tint if you'd like (it's subtle but highly effective). Finish off the design with your own version of the back patch — the iconic leather patches on the back waistband, now available in colorful hues — and you're done with the heavy lifting. Add to cart, choose your preferred shipping, and eagerly await your new designed-by-you denim.

Our Favorite Styles

Our Picks:

Summertime calls for a great pair of Levi's cutoffs, so we recommend starting with shorts. The 501 high-rise bottoms are a great starting point, especially in the light-wash Indigo Sky shade. With a little bit of wear and distressing, they're festival or beach-ready. We love the idea of adding a hint of pink to our jeans (like we threw them in with a red sock in the washing machine, but intentional), so we're fans of the rose tint — perfect for summer! Balance it out with the classic brown leather back patch for an updated take on the American classic.

If you're designing your first pair of Future Finish jeans, why not take advantage of all the options? Try the 721 jeans in the Indigo Sky shade with the "natural worn" pattern, light wear (if you like to break in your jeans but are also a little impatient, like us), a midnight blue tint, and a royal blue back patch. But that's just one iteration — there are endless ways to create your own jeans, and Levi's is giving you the ability to become your own denim designer.