This Diaper Bag Is Fashionable, Functional, & Mom-Approved

This Diaper Bag Is Fashionable, Functional, & Mom-Approved

Diaper bags are a practical necessity, but that doesn't mean they can't be functional and fashionable. We found the stylish pick moms are flipping for.

The Best Diaper Bag Backpack for Moms (and Fashionistas)

If you're a mom of an infant or toddler, a diaper bag can quickly become one of the most important accessories you own. Babies come with a whole lot of stuff — and a bag that's roomy enough to tote all the bottles, wipes, clothing changes, snacks, and diapers isn't just an accessory, it's a mom-wardrobe must-have. Practicality is paramount: but can a functional bag still be fashionable? Indeed it can. Exhibit A: the Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack.

So what exactly do stylish mamas love about this particular bag? For one: the fact that it's cute enough to carry even without a tot in tow, not to mention conveniently hands-free while still being chic And in olive green faux leather, this one will pair perfectly with pretty much all your grown-up outfits, to the point that you might want to keep it in your wardrobe rotation long after your littles are out of diapers.

Aside from the effortlessly cool look, the Greenwich Backpack is thoughtfully designed from a functional standpoint as well. It's got nine pockets, inside and out, and features not only adjustable shoulder straps but additional straps that attach to your stroller handle when your back needs a rest. This diaper bag comes with a machine-washable cushioned changing pad (a necessity!) in a smartly-concealed storage pocket that also fits tablets and laptops up to 15-in. Um, genius.

If you're searching for the perfect diaper bag that's practical and polished, The Greenwich Backpack is your best bet. Because you sacrifice a lot of things as a mom; your style shouldn't be one of them.

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