School's Out! Here's How Your Kids Can Stay On Top of Learning Throughout Summer

Boost Your Kids' Summer Reading With Save the Children's 100 Days of Reading Challenge

Take the 100 Days of Reading Challenge: Join world-renowned organization Save the Children in its mission to improve child literacy across America. For 100 years, Save the Children has partnered with people to improve the lives of children all across the world — and you can help, too, with this one super-easy program.

The 100 Days of Reading Challenge aims to get children reading this summer in order to raise awareness for children in poverty and help fight the learning that's lost when kids aren't in school. Kids lose a significant amount of the knowledge they gained during the school year during the summer months — and the situation is even worse for children growing up in poverty-stricken households, where they usually have more limited access to books than other kids. In fact, 60 percent of kids living in poverty don't own a book, which can set them behind their peers in school by 18 months — making it almost impossible to catch up.

But by participating in the 100 Days of Reading Challenge, you can help fight back. By simply spending quality time reading with a child, you can both encourage their literacy and a life-long love of learning, and also raise awareness for those children in poverty.

How to Get Involved: Helping is as simple as this: Set aside some time to spend with your child each day that's dedicated to just reading. Whether you're helping them sound out their favorite picture book or diving deep into an exciting new fantasy novel, you'll help your child become a stronger reader, which is especially important during the summer months. Then, log those reading minutes at That's it!

The 100 Days of Reading Challenge reflects the number of years Save the Children has been making a difference in children's lives. It runs from June 1 to September 8, ending on World Literacy Day. By logging just a few minutes every day, you can help them reach their goal of 100 million logged reading minutes by September 8. Become your child's first teacher — encourage their literacy with the super-easy 100 Days of Reading Challenge.

For more information on how you can support Save the Children's initiatives, including ways you can help improve education for kids in need, please visit