Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes that Evoke All the Nostalgia

90s Halloween costumes including Carmen Sandiego, Pikachu, and Angelica
Adult Carmen Sandiego Costume with hat photo

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Carmen Sandiego

With the new Netflix revival that launched earlier this year, there's no better time to pay homage to the iconic thief. You could model a costume after the new version with existing pieces from your closet, but we love how this set was inspired by the original computer character with her signature red trench coat, yellow scarf, and matching fedora. Finish the Halloween costume with a black top and bottoms, black boots, and don't forget the mysterious attitude. Just be prepared to hear, "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" all night long.

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Adult Mary Poppins Costume photo

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Mary Poppins

Starring a beautiful white dress inspired by the carousel scene, this Mary Poppins costume is practically perfect in every way. The set already includes a dress, hat, and lace gloves, and for the finishing touches we recommend some Victorian boots and a parasol. For a partner costume idea, dress up your other half as Bert, or have your bestie rock the feminist Mrs. Banks for a girl-power duo.

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Adult Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one piece costume photo

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Between all the Marvel and DC movies, we expect to see a lot of superhero costumes this year. But if you and your squad want to stand out, transform into the legendary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Spirit Halloween offers a one-piece look that comes with all four masks and elbow ties. Not feeling the catsuit? No worries, there's also dress or leggings options, too.

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Adult Pikachu dress costume photo

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Pikachu from Pokémon

If you spent your days collecting cards, training your team, or watching the television show, then this costume will definitely take you back in time. Modeled after Ash's number-one sidekick, this ensemble features a Pikachu-inspired dress (complete with a tail) and over-the-knee socks. No one will ask, "Who are you?" but if you want to make it extra electric, add some ears.

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Adult Angelica costume photo

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Angelica from Rugrats

There's nothing childish about dressing up as your favorite childhood character for Halloween, even if you dress up as a child. You can transform into everyone's favorite bossy cousin, Angelica, by mixing and matching individual pieces — or you can get this convenient bundle complete with her dress, leggings, and hair bows. All you need are tennis shoes and an unapologetically sassy attitude. Bonus points for carrying a Cynthia Doll.

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Adult flapper dress with peacock feathers photo

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Miss Peacock from Clue

Take the traditional flapper costume a step further by dressing up as a Clue character. The board game has six characters to choose from (so feel free to grab your friends for a memorable group costume contest), and this blue dress is perfect for impersonating Miss Peacock. To bring the game to life, print out a room and weapon card and tie them around your neck. It's a great look for a murder mystery party, but totally works for other costume parties, too.

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Adult Super Mario costume with skirt photo

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Super Mario

Whether you were introduced to him in the arcades or first played him on a Switch, this is one Nintendo character almost everyone can recognize — no matter your age. The set includes a dress, gloves, moustache, and signature hat. It also makes a fabulous best friend costume idea as they can go as Mario's partner in crime, Luigi.

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Adult Helga Hey Arnold costume photo

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Helga from Hey Arnold

Another Nickelodeon tribute, this next costume idea shows some love to the underrated (ya, we said it) television show, Hey Arnold. The traditional football-shape head of the main character is hard to replicate, so instead, transform into his bully/love interest miss Helga Pataki with this costume, which comes with the dress, hair bow, and necklace. All you'll need are some white sneakers. If you want to go all out, dip into your makeup bag and draw on her signature unibrow.

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Adult Princess Leia costume photo

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Princess Leia

Princess Leia may not have originated in the 90s, but Episode I did inspire a new generation of fans in 1999 (even if the modern movies don't quite live up to the original trilogy). A timeless costume idea, Star Wars will never go out of style — there are so many ways to capture the franchise! — but this Princess Leia costume stands out above the rest. Not only will it keep you warmer than other choices (gold bikini, we're looking at you), but you don't need anything else (other than shoes and the hairdo) to complete the look. Plus, you can break it out again for Star Wars Day on May 4.

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