Ergo Elements

Ergo Elements 40M0100006L5 Adjustable Height Standing Desk Manual Hand Crank White Base, 5 30", Lava Stone, 5' x

Ergo element's white adjustable Height standing desk with manual hand-crank base and desktop set. Ergo Elements creates active office equipment to match active lifestyles. The white manual hand crank adjustable height-standing desk allows for users without access to power to work in the healthy and production standing position. The hand-crank model is cordless, so it eliminates all headaches caused by hanging or tangled cords. This set includes a desktop in black, Lss, so it eliminates all headaches caused by hanging or tangled cords. This set includes a desktop in black, Lava Stone, or white color and either a length of 4-foot or 5-Foot. The frame Width is a fixed 24.5". this powerless adjustable Height desk base comes with the manual dual-action removable hand crank. The length adjustment is done once, during setup and the Height adjustment can be made over and over again with the use of the simple hand crank. ee desk tabletops are manufactured by utilizing a new an innovative process called ultraviolet instantaneous curing. This exterior construction process results in a highly durable finish with superior wear characteristics. Not to mention, an amazing looking (sleek), feeling (micro textured) and functioning (durable) finish. The desktops come in 3 different colors: black, Lava Stone and white. These stylist desktops will make any office or workstation look professional. Ergo Elements desktops are constructed with 100% recycled wood content. Our tabletops are VOC and PVC free, as well as free from solvents and HAP. In addition, all EE desk tabletops are SFI certified MDF and CARB Phase I and II compliant. physical mobility has been notably linked to problem solving and increased brain function for some time. As grown adults who work long hours, EE has taken our health and wellness into our own hands by creating a product line that helps us work and live better. Take advantage of our easy-to-use assembly instructions and library of product assembly videos. Ergo Elements is the clear choice for adjustable Height standing desks and all active office equipment. read more