Ekria - Large Spiral Earrings Shiny Yellow Gold

Spiral shapes go all the way back to the Neolithic period and are regarded as some of the oldest geometric shapes. This is such an unusual design that you will love every second you wear it. It is easy to slip on and off, and is truly a fun accessory to own. Its spiral shape is beautiful and will be flattering with your hair up. Team this with one or more items from the Spiral Collection for a glam look. About EKRIA Timeless Spiral collection: Inspired by the Goldenems from the Spiral Collection for a glam look. About EKRIA Timeless Spiral collection: Inspired by the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence, the Spiral collection draws reference to one of the mysteries of the Universe and Mathematics. The Golden Ratio is a number equal to 1.618. The Fibonacci Sequence is a series of numbers that have a special connection to the Golden Ratio. Every number in this series is a sum of the two numbers before it, and the ratio of those numbers is the same as the Golden Ratio. Sound complex? Well, it is. It has been mind-boggling to scientists and mathematicians since these numbers appear many times in nature, art, architecture and numerous other areas. One of the most popular examples of this can be seen in the spiral patterns that form the basis of flower petals and shells. The pieces in this collection pay a special homage to those mysterious patterns that surround us everywhere in the universe. All of our pieces are individually crafted using the most innovative laser techniques to give you some of the cleanest cut forms and the sleekest finishes on the market. Our expert and dedicated craftsmanship is committed to giving you the very best every time. White gold looks effortlessly elegant. Yellow gold exudes a classic timelessness. Rose gold captures a feminine charisma. Unsure about which colour you should select? Cool skin tones have pinkish undertones and are identifiable by blueish veins. White gold acts as a perfect compliment to these complexions. Warm skin tones have yellowish undertones and are identifiable by greenish veins. Yellow gold adds a wonderful finishing touch to these skin colours. Rose gold is divine and captivating on most skin tones. And if you are still can't decide on which colour to pick, why not treat yourself to more than one? 1 micron gold plated sterling silver. Yellow Gold Shiny finish. The black shadow on the product is a reflection of light on the shiny finish and does not correspond to a feature of the jewelry by itself. To help preserve your EKRIA pieces in their original condition: Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume, hand or face cream and household chemical products. The particles in these products may cause irreversible damage to gold and silver. Avoid friction by sliding your pendant on its chain or wearing several rings on one finger. read more