Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep Tracker and Temperature Control Mattress Cover - 10007-006

Choose from available sizes. Made from polyester and cotton. Transforms your regular bed into a smart bed. Connects to most wifi-enabled devices in your house. Tracks over 15 factors about your sleep and health. Measure sleep quality over time. Adjust the temperature for each side of the bed. Smart alarm wakes you during light sleep only. Compatible with most mattress types. 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Say hello to sweet dreams every night with the Eightt mattress types. 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Say hello to sweet dreams every night with the Eight Sleep Tracker and Temperature Control Mattress Cover. This mattress cover comes with a water-resistant sleep tracker that can transform any mattress into a personalized smart machine, making it easier for you to get a better night's sleep. Sync it up to your smart phone to access the free app which tracks and records your sleep patterns, including sleep quality, toss and turn rate, respiratory rate, time in bed, room noise, and much more. The app also allows you to play white noise or to adjust the temperature on your side of the bed.You can even connect the cover's sleep tracker to your home's smart devices (including Amazon Alexa, Nest, and Philips Hue) and make your mornings run more smoothly. Connect with smart light bulbs to gradually adjust the room's brightness as you wake up, or trigger your coffee machine to start brewing as soon as the tracker senses you are awake. The app's smart alarm function makes it easier to wake up by going off (within a pre-set time range) when your body is in a lighter stage of sleep.This mattress cover is compatible with most mattress types, except for those with split adjustable bases. We recommend pairing this smart cover with the Eight Sleep Saturn Smart Mattress (sold separately) for even more comfort. Additional Features: Tracks time spent in deep sleep and light sleep Tracks toss and turn rate Tracks respiratory rate Tracks average room temperature Tracks average bed temperature Tracks time you go to bed Tracks time you fall asleep Tracks time you wake up Tracks time you get out of bedTracks sleep breaks Tracks room noise Smart alarm function making waking up easy Adjustable bed temperature for you and a partner White noise and sleep meditation tracks Connectivity with smart home devices, like Alexa, Nest, and more Cover Dimensions: Full: 74L x 54W x 22H in. Queen: 80L x 60W x 22H in. King: 80L x 76W x 22H in. California King: 84L x 72W x 22H in. read more