Linen duvet cover Set. Duvet Cover + 2 Pillowcases. Stonewashed. Envelope. King size. Natural Bedding. Eco friendly.

100% Linen Duvet Cover. This seamless product is made of 100% linen. It has a wrinkled texture, does not shrink, feels super cozy. Anti-bacterial, hygroscopic. Included: 1 x Duvet Cover + 2 Pillowcases. SIZES:Twin+2St (68"x90"+2 PС 20x26") Twin XL+2St (68"x95"+2 PС 20x26") Double+2St (76"x90"+2 PС 20x26") Queen +2St (90"x90"+2 PС 20x26") Queen +2Queen (90"x90"+2 PС 20x30") Queen + 2 King (90"x90"+ 2 PС 20"x36") King +2St (104"x90"+2 PС 20x26") King +2Q (104"x90"+2 P0"+2 PС 20x30") Queen + 2 King (90"x90"+ 2 PС 20"x36") King +2St (104"x90"+2 PС 20x26") King +2Q (104"x90"+2 PС 20x30")King +2K (104"x90"+2 PС 20x36")King + 2King (104"x90"+ 2 PС 20"x40")Cal.King +2St (108"x96"+2 PС 20x26")Cal.King +2Q (108"x96"+2 PС 20x30")Cal.King +2K (108"x96"+2 PС 20x36")Cal.King + 2 King (108"x96"+ 2 PС 20"x40") COLOR: off-white, ivory, light blue, purple, dark blue, beige, light grey, sand, dark grey, black, light grey stone, light green stone, light blue stone, dark blue stone, black stone, rose stone, purple stone, coffee stone, goldenrod stone, brown stone. MATERIAL: This product is made of 100% linen. The fabrics used in the production have an international certificate for compliance with Oeko-Tex No. 12.HBY.02843 by Hohenstein and have been tested for compliance with the environmental requirements of Oeko-Tex RStandart 100. After pre-processing this fabric becomes non-shrink and less creased, and requires no ironing. DENSITY: 185 gsm. CARE: machine wash 40C(105F) and 60C(140F) only for Off-White, tumble dry low heat, wash separately. No ironing or dry cleaning is necessary. To maintain the softness of the product, we recommend use a softener in the final rinse after the wash cycle. Shipping via registered mail. read more