Drum Works

Outdoor Drum Works Furniture Laguna Arm Chair - 1022

Dimensions: 34W x 24D x 31H in.. Reclaimed 55-gal. steel barrel. Turquoise powder-coat on a sandblasted exterior. Fade-resistant, all-weather Sunbrella fabric. Smooth-sanded edges and MIG-welded connections. Curve of the drum matches curve of the back. Corrosion-resistant fasteners. Low VOC finish. Without even mentioning the beach by the same name, the word Laguna just sounds cool, and that's the same vibe you'll get from the Drum Works Furniture Laguna Arm Chair. Laguna just sounds cool, and that's the same vibe you'll get from the Drum Works Furniture Laguna Arm Chair. Perfect for any relaxed outdoor space, this all-weather chair actually began its life as a steel drum in a factory or warehouse. The body is laser-milled by a CNC machine that gives it straight lines and smooth edges. The curved back is MIG-welded in place and matches the natural curve of the spine for a truly comfortable sitting experience. The exterior still carries the dings and dents that offer proof of its previous life, but it has been sandblasted smooth and finished with a baked-on powder-coat of rich turquoise. The seat is covered with a thick layer of dense foam underneath a length of Sunbrella fabric upholstery with a multicolor stripe pattern. Sunbrella fabric is designed to resist fading and staining, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. High-quality fasteners, pressure-treated woods, and solid welding give this piece strength and reliability that will have it at the center of your outdoor space for years to come. There are more pieces by Drum Works, so take a look and see what else might work in your space.About SunbrellaSunbrella has been the leader in performance fabrics for over 45 years. Impeccable quality, sophisticated styling and best-in-class warranties prove the new generation of Sunbrella offers more possibilities than ever. Sunbrella fabrics are breathable and water-repellant. If kept dry, they will not support the growth of mildew as natural fibers will. Beautiful and durable, Sunbrella is a name you can trust in your outdoor furniture.Cleaning and Caring for Sunbrella Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your Sunbrella fabrics looking good and delay deep, vigorous cleaning. Brush off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabrics, and wipe up spills as soon as they occur. For light cleaning, use a mild soap and water solution and a sponge, allowing your cleaning solution to soak into the fabric. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue and allow fabric to air dry. read more