Doc Miller Premium Open Toe Compression Sleeve 1 Pair 20-30mmHg Medical Grade Strong Calf Support Graduated Pressure Sports Running Recovery Shin Splints Varicose Veins CVD Yoga Socks BLUE

Doc Miller Compression sleeves and socks are designed from Durable, Breathable, and Comfortable Premium fabric containing medical-grade Nylon (77%) and Spandex (23%) for a snug, comfortable, and compressive fit. The sleeve aids in faster recovery for improved performance and support. By boosting blood circulation in your legs and preventing injuries, these socks allow you to feel fresher for more activity. The stylish patterned and colorful sleeves and sox help in docks allow you to feel fresher for more activity. The stylish patterned and colorful sleeves and sox help in dealing with edema, varicose and spider veins, and acts as a therapeutic hosiery garment. The light fabric combined with an open toe or footless design allows it to be worn as a stocking with dress clothes as well as during workout. The gradient pressure allows for healing from injury and post-surgical recovery. The versatility of these sleeves ensure that it can be used to control lower leg cramps, to avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), as an orthosleeve and during flying or exercise. The perfect graduated support ranging from 20-30 mmHg allows for more blood flow where needed. Perfect opaqueness provides a professional look. These socks are commonly used as pregnancy maternity stockings. With seamless woven construction, these fit snug with no loss of compression for a long time. Order your sock pair today; your legs will feel special and thank you! Whether you are pursuing athletic activities or just going about your day, wouldn't it be great to be able to train harder, recover faster & feel stronger? Now you can with our compression calf socks. They help boost circulation in your legs for venous insufficiency & reduce muscle soreness for faster recovery afterwards. Try these cool graded, elastic sleeves with or without the heel & notice the improvement - you will wish you had found these a long time ago! Dont fall for false copper claims! Get your size: The construction and fit of our sleeves ensure that the fit is snug without discomfort by bunching or slipping during activity. There is a size that is right for you. Check the sizing chart in the pictures area. For wearing them, insert your toes in the broader end and pull through. Slip it out by pulling at the narrow or wide end instead of bunching. Suits your activity: The socks are beneficial as pregnancy hose and maternity stockings; for marathon runners, hiking, martial arts, cross fit, volleyball, basketball, cycling, baseball, workouts or as warmers for any fitness activities. Whether high or low impact, these enable you to warm up safely and recover quickly. The socks are also perfect for everyday use especially for people in retail, nurses, travel, jobs that strain your feet a lot like in hotels and construction sectors. Who Should Use It Effective for men, women and teens, use them for a wide range of activities from warming up to sessions of Tennis, Basketball, Racquetball, Football, Soccer, Hiking, Cross Fit, and other athletic activity. Fabric characteristics keep it comfortable regardless of season. If you are pregnant, or stand a lot during the day as a nurse, this product may help prevent soreness, swelling and aching of the feet. If you travel by air, this product may help reduce fatigue and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). This product is recommended for those suffering from shin splints, calf/leg pain, swollen feet, inflammation, and soreness. Studies show compression accelerates recovery from soft-tissue injuries and reduces the severity of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after working out. This product may also help you with Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). Don't wait anymore! Experience the benefits yourself. Different sizes sell out if you see your favorite color/size click Add to Cart. Your calves and legs will thank you! read more