6 Comfortable (and Stylish!) Travel Pillows You Absolutely Need on Your Next Trip

Breathable head pillow from Huzi photo

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Infinity Pillow

This insanely comfortable infinity pillow needs to be on your list of travel essentials. Offered in six different colors, this breathable wrap pillow is not only versatile but beyond comfortable, according to reviews. It's made from soft bamboo fibers and is specifically designed to help improve your posture while allowing you to sleep in almost any position unlike other travel pillows.. And did we mention that it was featured in the PEOPLE Travel Awards for 2019?

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Animal print silk pillow with a matching eye mask photo

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Leopard Print Silk Pillow and Mask Set

Say hello to our new favorite travel duo—the leopard print silk pillow and mask set from Anthropologie. Perfect for adding comfort to the plane or hotel room, this glamourous set will take traveling in style to a whole new level. Both pieces are made with mulberry silk and are machine washable, and the pillowcase can actually help protect skin and hair from damage while sleeping.

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U-shaped neck pillow in black photo

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Memory Foam Neck Pillow

This highly-rated travel pillow is the one item you'll want to make sure you never leave at home. Made of memory foam and bamboo fiber for a softer touch (compared to cotton), this U-shaped pillow was created to help you sleep comfortably by offering full neck and chin support. It's designed to help hold your vertebrae in the proper position, which can improve your posture over time — even while sleeping in less-than-comfortable places, like the middle seat on an airplane. This travel pillow also comes with a carrying case to ensure it stays clean as you make your way to your destination.

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Gray and black memory foam neck pillow from Nordstrom photo

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Adjustable Neck Pillow

Earning a spot on your packing list is this memory foam travel pillow from OstrichPillow — because once you try it, it'll become your go-to travel necessity. Thanks to its flexible construction that's made from compressed memory foam,, you can officially say goodbye to a stiff neck from slumping in your seat. It wraps completely around your neck, offering full 360-degree support to help with posture and cramping. One five-star reviewer says, "I slept like a baby! The material feels incredible and I didn't have any of my usual neck strains from sleeping on the flight." With this pillow you'll also receive a storage pouch perfect for your other travel accessories.

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Trtl neck pillow for travel from Amazon photo

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Supportive Travel Pillow

Available in six different colors and prints, this innovative travel pillow is an absolute must-have for your next trip. What sets it apart from other travel pillows is its unique, scarf-like design that's been sold more than a million times worldwide. Not only is it a more stylish option, but it allows you to rest your head at almost any angle while providing ample support. Plus, it's super compact and lightweight — ideal for whenever you need a little extra comfort on the go.

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Calpak silk neck pillow and eye mask set photo

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Silk Travel Set

You'll be sleeping in style when you add this chic silk pillow set to your list of travel necessities. The matching pillow and eye mask from Calpak feature magnetic closures for extra stability and are made from high-end materials that help minimize bedhead and weird lines on your face. Choose between five stylish shades (rose gold, navy, black, and two bandanna prints), and your set will come complete with a clear carrying case that fits perfectly over most suitcase handles.

Buy It! $95; nordstrom.com

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