Over 5,000 Amazon Reviewers Love This Travel Backpack — Here's Why

Why You Need This Top-Rated Travel Backpack

Whether you're taking a trip across the world or just on your morning commute, you expect a lot out of your bag: It has to have space for (and ways to organize) everything you need, with durability that'll last years and a compact shape that meets guidelines. Oh, and it should be effortlessly easy to carry, of course. It's a lot to ask of a backpack — until you meet the Matein Mlassic Travel Laptop Backpack.

Over 5,000 Amazon reviewers have given the Matein Mlassic a near perfect 4.7-star rating thanks to its convenient features, like hidden theft-proof pockets, a USB charger port, and luggage strap to easily slide the backpack over a suitcase's handle. Complete with three compartments, including one specifically for laptops and one big enough to hold clothes, books, over-ear headphones, and any other large items you need to stow away, the bag also includes many smaller pockets throughout for secure storage of your valuables, too. Reviewers attested to the Matein backpack's ability to fit an insane number of items ("This little backpack got me through 12 days of traveling Europe!" one reviewer wrote. "I was able to bring four pairs of pants, seven shirts, and one dress") and its comfortable cushioning ("It's very comfortable to wear, even loaded down, and the material is pretty and durable"). In addition to making your journey easier, the backpack is TSA-approved and fits the carry-on bill for most airlines, so you can slide it under your chair and relax without the hassle of checked bags.

Plus, the Matein Mlassic is more sophisticated than many other backpacks on the market. Its simple, gender-neutral design makes a perfectly minimalist fashion statement, with no distracting patterns or logos. Reviewers attest to it being "the perfect backpack for the working professional."

Perhaps best of all? The bag's built-in USB port, which allows you to hook up an external battery, plug in your phone or tablet, and charge on the go in the safety of your backpack. Now, the days of losing precious charge at the most inopportune moments is gone. Whether for everyday commuting or far-off adventures, you can travel assured knowing the Matein Mlassic pack has your back.

Buy It! Matein Mlassic Travel Backpack, from $32 (usually $50); amazon.com

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