6 Tents Perfect for Cold-Weather Camping

6 Tents Perfect for Cold-Weather Camping

Hard-core adventurers don't hibernate in winter — they adapt. Camping when temperatures have dropped requires special gear, and that includes a tent that shields you from the elements (and lets you get a good, warm night's sleep). Here, six cold-weather camping tents that are worth the investment.

Brown 10 person dome tent from Coleman photo

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Coleman Weathermaster 10-Person Dome Tent

This tent is the ultimate family one-and-done purchase. With room for up to 10 people, it's designed for easy setup and comes equipped with a hinged door and a zipper door. Plus, there's room to stand — now that's (outdoor) living.

Buy It! $221; walmart.com

Tan luxury wall tent from Ozark photo

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Ozark Trail All-Season Outfitter Wall Tent

This one is truly a tent for all seasons. Made with a ripstop polyester canvas and a durable steel frame that has extra guy line support, it will shelter up to six people from wind, rain, and snow.

Buy It! $269 (usually $299); walmart.com

Neon green and grey expedition tent from Eddie Bauer photo

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Katabatic 3-Person Tent

Guide-built and tested on some of the world's highest peaks, this is a tent you can trust to perform in wind, precipitation, and cold temperatures. Thanks to a double wall, two vestibules for extra space, and a design meant to shed snow, you'll be shielded and sheltered like a pro.

Buy It! $699; eddiebauer.com

Red and tan 10 person tent from Wenzel photo

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Timber Ridge 10-Person Tent

House a group of up to 10 sleepers in this tent, or use the two-room construction to separate the sleeping and living spaces. No matter how many tenants you have, the full coverage rain fly and welded polyethylene floor will keep everyone dry all through the night.

Buy It! $244 (usually $276); wayfair.com

Orange tent by arctic oven photo

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Arctic Oven 12 with Vestibule

Meant for true expeditioners, this is the condensation-free camping tent used for everything from research to hunts from the North to the South Poles. With the option to put a stove inside for warmth, it's the perfect size for four to five people in winter camping months. If you're a hard-core adventurer, this might just be worth the investment.

Buy It! $2,625; amazon.com

Green winter tent from Crua photo

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Crua Tri Luxury Winter Tent

Designed with patented insulation that keeps campers warmer in winter and cooler in summer, this is the definition of an all-season tent. Stay toasty in the cold now, and keep using it as the leaves turn green: What's better than that?

Buy It! $799; amazon.com


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