Deluxe Comfort

Deluxe Comfort Multi Position Pillow - Therapeutic Neck And Back Pillow - Promotes Healthy Sleep - Two Piece Incline Wedge Pillow - Bed Pillow, White

The act of sitting up in bed can be, for some, an arduous, most painful task. You struggle to get comfortable as your pillows slip and slide behind you.Deluxe Comfort offers the solution, in the form of the Multi-Position Pillow White. This dual piece, multi-position pillow cradles the whole body – not just the head. This superlative body position pillow could morph into a pregnancy pillow, a massage pregnancy pillow, a yoga pillow, a back support pillow (facilitatild morph into a pregnancy pillow, a massage pregnancy pillow, a yoga pillow, a back support pillow (facilitating backrest for bed), a contour sleep bed wedge system, a bed lounge pillow, an upright pillow, a prop up pillow, a reclining pillow, a leg raise pillow, a neck hug pillow, a body position pillow, a shoulder pillow, a hip pillow, or a side sleeper body pillow.This finest of specialty pillows can be whatever you need it to be – even healing in the process. Regarded as a chiropractor pillow or chiropractic cushion, the Multi Position Pillow White heals as it relaxes. Its flawless blend of size, softness and durability renders it the best in body pillows for back pain.And it shines as an align position pillow, a pillow for a physiotherapy bed, a sit up in bed pillow for those facing bed rest, a pregnancy pillow massage or maternity nursing pillow, a tempurpedic pillow, a cervical pillow for relieving sleep apnea, heartburn and snoring, a cervical pillow body sleeper, a lumbar pillow sleep, and an oxygen pillow. And like many contour products, these make for ideal sleep pillows.These pillow wedges for sleeping do double duty as glamorous samples of home decor. Boasting ebullient microfiber covers that come in glimmering shades of ivory, azure blue, emerald green and taupe tan, these pillows are hypoallergenic and the undisputed queen of beauty rest pillows! read more