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Beyond The Pale -Mineral Foundation, Concealer, Contour and Blush Asst. for Pale Skin

A comprehensive natural mineral assortment of trial sizes tailored to those with light complexions. This assortment is for the lightest shade range, levels 1-3 in the Neutral and includes 3 foundation shades, 2 contour shades, 3 concealer shades and 3 blush shades in trial size containers. The perfect combination package for the very fair of skin. Sizes: Foundations -10 gm, Blush - 5 gm, Contour - 5 gm , Concealer - 3 gm. We offer foundations in a large range of shandations -10 gm, Blush - 5 gm, Contour - 5 gm , Concealer - 3 gm. We offer foundations in a large range of shades but we specialize in the very palest of the pale to the medium light complexions, offering a large range of tones in this segment. The Natural Mineral Blush are in shades designed for pale skin types. Sheer and silky these blush colors are made with natural minerals with added silk powder for a sheer and silky finish that is not too highly pigmented for pale and light complexions and every shade of natural looking blush you could ask for. The contour colors are very delicate shades, not muddy browns like most contour kits, they are a neutral taupe tone. For the Foundation there are 3 shades in the palest neutral range. We have listed a couple of other versions of this kit in pinkish or warm tones to cover most fair skin colors and tones that fall in the range of "Levels" 1 through 5 . Skin Tone Levels: 1-2 Extremely pale - bordering on chalky white 2-3 Very, very fair, rarely tans, mostly burns. 4-5 Fair skin that can tan lightly. We do offer foundations, blush and contour for deeper shades too - check out our other listings. 6-7 Medium beige skin, tans well 8-9 Deep tan to olive skin, tans quite dark 10- 11 Deep toned, brown with either rosy, gold or ashy tones read more