DaVinci Wood Panel

Da Vinci Pro Painting Panels Gesso Smooth, Textured, Coarse Grip, or Birch Wood

Ultra Smooth Gesso PanelsFor artists requiring an extremely smooth surface for technical illustrations, drawings, trompe l'oeil, egg tempera, or caseins, Ultra Smooth Panels are ideal. The buffed finish readily accepts technical drawing pens, graphite and colored pencils, conte', charcoal, oil, acrylic gouaches, egg tempera, caseins, and more.Ultra Smooth, white acrylic polymer gesso3/4" and 2" cradle depths for dramatic presentationPerfect for high-detailed portraihite acrylic polymer gesso3/4" and 2" cradle depths for dramatic presentationPerfect for high-detailed portraiture or trompe l'oeilMedium Texture Gesso PanelsWorks well with oils, the surface is easily adaptable to oil pastel and other drawing sticks, crayons, graphite and colored pencils, hard and soft pastels, acrylics and acrylic gouaches, and mixed media.Medium textured, white acrylic polymer gesso with quartz sand7/8" and 1-5/8" cradle depths for frameless presentationResist Grip Textured GessoThe coarse texture grips heavy bodied acrylics extremely well and allows for an endless array of layering without any problems, whether with thin glazes or heavy impasto layers. For encaustics, the toothy primer grabs hold firmly to lower layers, providing a strong firm support for subsequent layers to adhere to. It is also the very first panel surface that offers a real tooth for grabbing hold of pastels and colored pencils, allowing layering and blending with ease. Just carefully seal with several light coats of archival spray for pastels, and you won't have to place your pastel or colored pencil art under glass.Coarse Textured, white acrylic polymer gesso with quartz sand3/4" and 2" cradle depths for dramatic presentationBirch Wood Painting PanelsThese superior quality Birch hardwood painting panels give artist's exceptional panel strength and rigidity, with very fine wood grain. Finely sanded DaVinci Pro Birch Wood Painting Panels deliver a consistently strong, sturdy archival support. They are also popular with artists making their own linen or cotton canvas panels, or mounting sanded pastel or watercolor paper for a firm archival painting surface.Fine-grained, finely sanded7/8", 1-5/8" & 2-1/2" DeepAble to be gessoedTougher than canvas and no problem of ever saggingWide range of sizes for any artist's needsSeal with an archival spray fixative appropriate for your individual medium (or varnish for paintings) for a dramatic, frame-less presentation of your artworkCradles easily accept paint, stain, or clearcoat for finishingWarp resistant, kiln-dried New Zealand Pine cradles read more