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Vegan: Vegan Diet For Beginners: Easy Delicious Recipes and Diet Plan To Increas (High Protein, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low Cholesterol, Vegan Diet, ... Cast Iron, Vegan Weightloss) (Volume 1)

Discover Easy Delicious Vegan Recipes and Diet Plan To Increase Your Health and Energy! This is for those of you who have decided that your levels of health and energy may benefit from going vegan. There is enough scientific, factual and indisputable evidence – not to mention anecdotal success stories – to demonstrate to us that eating a diet of plant foods is good for us. "Going Vegan" is not about adopting one of the hundreds of "diets" that are out there. It is sis good for us. "Going Vegan" is not about adopting one of the hundreds of "diets" that are out there. It is simply a 21st-century trend in taking personal responsibility for your own health, vitality, energy levels and overall wellness. It is simply a decision to go back to nature and choose living, nutritious and health-giving foods – as Mother Nature provides them to us. You can recreate natural health and wellness, virtually through food alone. I'm not making this up. I'm not just sharing my personal experience. The medical, scientific and academic communities have been studying the contribution of whole, fresh, natural fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds to our body’s health for decades. Agro food lobbyists don't want us to know how good raw, whole plant foods are for our health, because their paycheck comes from processing foods! However, more and more physicians are advising their patients to take charge of their own health improvement by going vegan to some degree. If you're reading this book, you've either made a decision to go vegan based on your personal research – or a doctor in the know is pointing you down this path. Either way, I'll give you all the guidance you need to easily get started down the path to greater health and vitality by eating more plant foods. If you are like me, after a few weeks on such a plan, you will have energy to burn like never before! You will lose a few pounds … or many. Your “lab” numbers will improve, and you may just decide with your doctor that some of your medications are no longer needed. Maybe you will be moved to get out there and exercise a little bit more than usual… or just want to do it for the first time. The science is clear. Anecdotal success stories abound. The healing that people are able to do is undeniable. Going vegan is good for your health, your energy, and your overall happiness. Happiness? Yes, I guarantee that when (and NOT if) you get your health back through delicious fresh food, you will definitely be happy about it! Here Is The Overview Of The Lessons You Will Learn Why Vegan? What does it mean?Is it Destroying or Improving Your Health?How To Ease Into ThisRecipes For Cooked Food Recipes for Complete Raw FoodsAnd Much More... Take charge and change your health for the better right now! read more