16\"-height LED Piano Lamp - Mahogany Cherry Wood

Best Craftmanship The 12"-16" height adjustable LED piano lamp is a newly released model that comes with adjustable height feature. It includes a pre-installed 16" long LED light bar on the 19" lamp shade. The LED light bar (included) is designed to last up to 20 years with savings of energy up to 60%. The height of the lamp can be easily adjusted from a thumbscrew located behind the lamp. Loosening the thumbscrew allows you to move the arm up or down before tightenmbscrew located behind the lamp. Loosening the thumbscrew allows you to move the arm up or down before tightening it to secure the desire height. It is adjustable between 12" to 16" in height. This lamp also features a 19" long pivotal shade, allowing for easy adjustment for desired light direction. The Pled100 lamp for upright or grand pianos shows that craftsmanship is a time-honored tradition, as alive today as the love for music. In this tradition, Cocoweb carefully crafts each light for you, using the best available materials, to the highest quality standards. This brass-accented lamp with its true-sleek design makes a stunning presence in any room and works well with many styles of decor. LED Technology Comes with a long 16" LED light bar pre-installed into the 19" lamp shade, the Pled100 has a color temperature of 2700K that resembles natural sunlight and is easy on the eyes. Cocoweb LED piano lighting technology makes the Pled100 stand out as the highest quality piano lamp in market. It is unmatched by any other similar lights that uses lead-containing traditional T10 light bulbs or a short LED light bar. Cocoweb's LED technology gives piano lighting a leap in energy efficiency and provides light that resembles natural sunlight. The LED Lamp is installed and included in the Pled100, which consumes less than half the electricity of traditional light bulbs, while providing natural-colored and ample illumination. Pricing We are the designer and manufacturer offering piano lamps Directly to pianists and musicians. This is why there is no markup from the retail stores or retail e-commerce web sites. Not only we provide the best value, but by servicing our customers directly, we want to ensure your satisfaction throughout the life of your lamp. Material Showcasing the classic lines of this piano lamp and cut from the highest quality aluminum and plastic materials, the Pled100 piano light features a powder-coated matte black finish. The powder coating will ensure a lifetime of use, free from scratching and marring. Adjustable Shade The Cocoweb Pled100 piano lamp comes with a 19-inch shade that can be adjusted to control light direction. Light Control The Cocoweb Pled100 piano lamp is controlled by an inline switch, directly below the LED light bar for easy access, as opposed to other piano lamps that have an on-core switch. Our light control gives the pianist easy access without ever leaving his or her piano bench. Cleaning The metal components of each Cocoweb piano light should be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth; use of soaps or glass cleaners may damage the metal finish. This fixture is sold one per package and the power transformer is UL listed. Best In the Industry, 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty ! Cocoweb LED technology —Prevents eyestrain and fatigue Minimal Heat —Generates minimal heat Energy Efficiency —80% more energy efficient than traditional piano lamps Longer lasting pre-installed LEDs last over 50,000 hours Convenient Directional swivel shade Power Source: Plug- in adapter Material: Aluminum Listing: UL listed Bulb: Pre-installed LEDs Color Temperature (K): 2700 Switch: In-line on/off toggle Lighting: adjustable directional Lifespan (Hrs): 50,000 Power Cord: 10-foot; Black Shade: 19" x 7/8" Base: 5" Diameter Lamp Height: Adjustable 12" - 16" /content/manuals/Piano_Lamps/Desk_Lamps/12-16_inc/PLED100_userManual.pdf User Manual /content/manuals/Piano_Lamps/Desk_Lamps/12-16_inc/warranty.pdf Warranty read more