14\" Blackspot LED Sconce Light in Mahogany Bronze with Trim Arm in Mahogany Bronze

A Piece that Adorns Any Space A classic, round form, the 14" Blackspot lamp shade in Mahogany Bronze is suited to blend with the decor of any room. Its stylish simplicity allows it to subtly accent its surroundings. The Mahogany Bronze Trim arm pairs beautifully with the Blackspot shade with its graceful, curved design. Our wall sconces are decorative light fixtures that illuminate without taking any floor space, making them a perfect addition to small areas like hafixtures that illuminate without taking any floor space, making them a perfect addition to small areas like hallways and bathroom vanities. They also function well as task lighting or accent lighting fixtures. Place a wall sconce in your bedroom beside your headboard as a reading light or add one to a living room or lounge for ambient light and warmth. Truly designed with versatility in mind, the Blackspot Sconce Light with the Trim Arm may be used to light your kitchen, bathroom, or any indoor space or to welcome guests by being placed outside by your front door. Individualized Options Find just the right wall sconce for your decor by choosing from the wide selection of sizes, colors, shade styles, and arm styles we have available. The Blackspot is available in sizes ranging from 8� to 14� and color choices include Black, Cherry Red, Jade, Matte Black, Mahogany Bronze, and White. This shade is well-suited for any of our 3 sconce arms. The curved design of the Trim arm creates a slightly ornamental look, as does the Chic arm. For a sconce that keeps more focus on the design of the shade, try the Cosmopolitan arm with its straight bar form. LED Technology Designed with the latest LED technology, Cocoweb light fixtures produce a light that is as bright as a 100W traditional bulb and resembles natural light. Their LED nodes shine at a warm 2700K color temperature and a brightness of 1600 lumens. The vibrant lighting of our sconces fills your home with a natural warmth. Save on Electricity, Help the Environment As an energy-efficient solution for lighting both indoors and out, our sconce lights use only 24 watts of electricity at maximum brightness. This efficiency lessens strain on power plants and reduces our carbon footprint. In addition, our LEDs are rated to last over 50,000 hours, ensuring low-energy, quality lighting for 20 years of use. Fully Dimmable Cocoweb Barn Lights are built to function at a range of brightness levels, compatible with most wall dimmers for custom lighting. Stylish Lighting, Rain or Shine MET certified for wet locations, our sconce lights feature a full-steel frame coated with a water-resistant powder finish. No matter the weather, Cocoweb Sconce Lights provide rich lighting and timeless design. Comes with 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty! read more