Cirrus Wall Clock by Bulova

Dimensions: 26H x 13.25W x 4.75D in.. Solid oak case with California oak finish. Decorative screened glass with pendulum. Vienna-style metal dial. Harmonic 2 triple-chime movement. Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim-Bam melody on the hour. Quarter-hour chime and strike available. Automatic night shut-off available. Requires 1 C battery (not included). The Cirrus Wall Clock by Bulova has all the drama and beauty of a grandfather clock in a more compact package. This cloc Wall Clock by Bulova has all the drama and beauty of a grandfather clock in a more compact package. This clock has a solid oak case, decorative glass, and metal Vienna dial with hanging pendulum. Choose from Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim-Bam chimes to play on the hour. About BulovaThe Bulova Corporation began as a jewelry market in late 19th century Bohemia; now Bulova has a global reputation for superior clock making. You'll find a wide variety of styles to choose from to complement a mantel or wall in your home or office.History of BulovaJoseph Bulova began a clock and jewelry business in 1875, pleasing customers from the very beginning. In the 1920s, Bulova led the way in the clock industry with the first automobile and radio clocks and the corporation continues to lead in innovation and quality.Fine ConstructionMade with the finest marble, crystal, wood, and brass, each Bulova clock is engineered with accuracy in mind. You can be sure that the mechanism in the timepiece itself is of superior quality. Bulova clocks are complete with a warranty; certain models offer craftsmanship guarantees.VarietyFor those interested in hobbies, Bulova manufactures miniature clocks with unique themes. Interior designers will be pleased with the many Bulova clocks that complement a theme. Many styles are available in floor, desktop, wall, and mantle models; one is sure to satisfy your modern or traditional styling.Specialized CollectionsBulova offers a unique collection of licensed designs. For instance, you can find featured timepieces with design inspiration from Pfaltzgraff and Frank Lloyd Wright. This collection brings you all of the attraction of licensed designing with the quality and reputation of Bulova.For any area of your home or office, whether you are interested in collectible miniatures or impressive grandfather clocks, Bulova offers timepieces to suit your tastes and satisfy your need for quality craftsmanship. read more