Catskill Craftsmen

Heart of the Kitchen Cart

. Stylish design and strong functionality will truly make this cart the Heart of the Kitchen. This kitchen cart is made of a fine hardwood and is accented with its brushed nickel handles, towel bar and side shelves' rails. This cart features a large capacity drawer with raised profile and a large 2-door cabinet. In addition, this cart offers a 2 towel bars on its sides as well as 3 side shelves that are ideal for storing canned goods and seasonings. This cart also on its sides as well as 3 side shelves that are ideal for storing canned goods and seasonings. This cart also offers an open storage space right below its drawer. This cart is equipped with heavy duty caster wheels, 2 locking, so you can easily move it from room to room and park it wherever you please.Choose this cart with or without a drop leaf to create your ideal cart. The drop leaf adds an additional 10 inches of working space. The overall dimensions with drop leaf up are 27.5D x 34W x 34.5H Inches. The overall dimensions without drop leaf are 17.5D x 34W x 34.5H Inches.Catskill Craftsmen's Eco-friendly PracticesCatskill Craftsmen is committed to protecting the environment through responsible forest management and manufacturing practices. Located in the Catskill Mountains of upper state New York, Catskill Craftsmen plays a role in maintaining the health of the New York City watershed. This watershed provides clean water for New York City and other communities in the area. Healthy, well-managed forests are better able to filter pollutants from entering streams and rivers, which preserves the quality of watershed resources. With this goal in mind, the company supports the efforts of the Watershed Agricultural Council (WAC). With the WAC, Catskill Craftsmen encourages lumber suppliers (family forest owners and public land managers) to make wise harvesting decisions and control erosion in order to safeguard water quality.Other efforts to protect the environment include using sustainable wood sources and reducing wood waste. Catskill Craftsmen's manufactured items are made from naturally self-sustaining, non-endangered North American hardwoods, primarily birch and hard rock maple. All sawdust, shavings, and waste materials generated during the manufacturing process are converted into wood pellet fuel used to heat homes. This alternative heating source creates less ash and lower emissions than some other fuels. By operating their own wood pellet mill, Catskill Craftsmen reduces their wood waste to zero. As natural resources become even more valuable, Catskill Craftsmen will continue to advance proper stewardship of the pristine Catskill Mountain region. read more