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Glogro Led Grow Light 59" Floor Lamp

GloGro has launched a revolutionary decorative 45W LED etagere floor lamp that will make growing plants, flowers and herbs indoors easy any time of year. With a proprietary patent pending LED engine, GloGro is revolutionizing the 'grow industry' giving plant enthusiasts the option to successfully nurture and grow plants indoors better than anywhere else, no matter the season or location. Having a green thumb is all about light cycles which at times can make traditiomatter the season or location. Having a green thumb is all about light cycles which at times can make traditional growing challenging. Unpredictable weather coupled with poor conditions and climate change can turn a stress-relieving hobby into a nightmare. GloGro is the perfect solution for weather woes. It takes the guess work out of gardening and turns a home of any size into the perfect environment for plants to thrive and flourish. Whether a city-dweller in a small apartment or just someone who wants to create a lush indoor environment, GloGro is the perfect self-contained growth system. With a powerful integrated 45W LED grow light, GloGro essentially recreates the power of photosynthesis. The innovative GloGro emits a special mixture of vital red and blue wavelengths to optimize a plants growth in all stages of development. The hanging planter is fully adjustable which provides the plant room for growth, ensuring the proper light through all phases of its lifecycle. Whether its enhancing the look of your space with some ambient light while growing plants, flowers or herbs, enjoy all that benefits that GloGro has to offer. Total product dimensions: 21.5"x22x71.5" and White linen shade: 14"x16"x11". The Black Metal etagere Floor Lamp includes: Hanging Planter, 4 Chains, Integrated timer, Integrated 45W LED grow light, drainage tray, rubber feet to protect floors and a 3-way rotary switch for ambient light. read more