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casa pura® Entrance Floor Mat | Absorbent & Non-slip | for Indoor & Outdoor Use - Brown - 36''x48''

casa pura® Premium Quality Dirt Trapper Entrance Mat for Indoor & Outdoor UseAnother quality doormat from casa pura which offers crisp and bright colorful indoor outdoor carpet mats for home and office floors.Intended to keep floor surfaces clean, this elite range of premium entrance mats not only offers the most developed dirt and soil catching abilities available it also yet in addition to this - a beautiful answer for your home or office needs. The ultra-spongy pailable it also yet in addition to this - a beautiful answer for your home or office needs. The ultra-spongy polyamide pile of the outdoor mat comprises of fibers, particularly intended to consume high measures of dampness. In total, the entryway rug can hold up to 6 lbs of soil and wet, making them the No.1 choice for occupied homes and commercial properties. Premium range door mats from casa pura are anything but difficult to keep up and require simply a speedy hoovering to tidy and remove the dirt. The inside entrance rugs are additionally washable at 86 °F enabling you to keep them looking like new. All rubber floor mats are intended to be UV-safe guaranteeing an enduring visual appearance. They are likewise outfitted with a non-slip backing which keeps them solidly set up while being used inside or outside.DURABLE: casa pura® entry mats in extremely durable polyamideABSORBENT: excellent absorbency, up to 6 lbs of dust and moisture can be kept by the indoor matANTI-SLIP: vinyl back and rubber edging prevent accidental movement of the carpetEASY UPKEEP: shake and / or brush at will - machine washable (max 86 °F)VERSATILE: indoor or outdoor, home or office - choose the ideal model, many sizes and colors to choose fromYour arrival area will always be clean and well maintained due to the entrance rug absorbing even large amounts of liquid carried on shoes, clothing and umbrellas read more