Burton Women's Escapade EST Snowboard Binding

Features of the Burton Women's Escapade EST SnowBoard Binding 30% Short-Glass/Nylon Composite: SSlightly more responsive than the park blend yet still plenty playful EST Baseplate Construction: By removing the materials from beneath your feet and replacing them with cushioning, we Are able to drastically reduce weight and explore entirely new designs Canted Hi-Back Design: ergonomic design, maximize control and comfort Zero Forward Lean HI-Back: Zero Forward Lean deHi-Back Design: ergonomic design, maximize control and comfort Zero Forward Lean HI-Back: Zero Forward Lean design on select hi-backs. As always, crank'em forward for quicker control when carving or Climbing icy pipe walls Kickback Hammock: Lighter weight upgrade to the Heel Hammock, two-piece, heel-hugging hi-back, dynamic interaction between an internal spring and rubberized hammock reduced vibration, complete suspension. Featured on the Genesis est, Genesis, Escapade est, and Escapade Microflad: Higher forward lean angle on hi-backs, quicker heel-edge turns For mind-blowing micro-adjustability, twice options of traditional flad Women's-Specific True Fit Design: Setup-from boot liners to lace guides, baseplate to strap designs, Board shapes to flex profiles-has been designed and engineered for the way women ride Hammockstrap: Reactstrap roots in a stitch-less construction for ultra-response with minimal materials Flex Slider: New flex slider heel strap to flex and fall fully open. Forced molecular alignment, stronger Supergrip Capstrap: Ultra-Minimized and Fully Injected, over-molded design. Ultra-durable glue-less, stitch-less, and pu-free construction. 3D curved, triple axis spine. True wrap toe window. Conformable as capstrap or toe strap Double Take Buckles Featuring Insta-Click: Double take buckles, helical teeth and a complete rethink, in. insta-clickin. immediate engagement, faster uptake, fewer cranks to tightness, vastly improved strength, speed Women's-Exclusive PodBED Cushioning System: Targeted Dual-durometer EVA padding provides cushioning in common pressure points while a clear topsheet material evenly distributes a rider's weight. A new indicator allows for more precise stance adjustment and the glue-less design is friendlier on the environment. Featured exclusively on the Escapade est read more