Buddy Bib

The Makers of the Munch Mitt Introduce the Buddy Bib, 3 in 1 Bandana Drool Bib - Sensory Toy, Teething Ring, Plush Pacifier Holder - Unice Unicorn

TEETHING TURNING YOUR HAPPY BABY INTO A FUSSY BABY? Makers of the award-winning Munch Mitt have done it again. This Mom inspired line of products has re-designed their drool bibs giving parents the convenience of having a teether, pacifier clip (pacifier not included) & plush sensory toy attached to a reversible bandana bib - making it quickly become the must have baby product of the year. Use at home to give baby some chemical free safe self-soothing pain relief frt have baby product of the year. Use at home to give baby some chemical free safe self-soothing pain relief from teething.LATE AGAIN? Is packing a diaper bag slowing you down? Relax the Buddy Bib has it covered. When you pre-pack one in your car or diaper bag you have 3 very important things baby will need while you are away from home. Don't let the hassle of packing a diaper bag hold you back from getting out there to show off your adorable cherub to the world. Baby travel is made so much easier when you include the Buddy Bib.CLEVER PARENTS KNOW HOW TO DISGUISE LEARNING AS FUN PLAY. When squeezed the toy's crinkle noise, carefully selected colored patterns, & two distinctly different textured fabrics were used to promote & engage your baby's curiosity. Studies show curiosity is the foundation of learning. Using the sewn in Velcro strap the plush character can be affixed to a car seat, baby stroller or crib & holds a teether or pacifier for baby's easy access.THIS IS ONE OF THE BABY GIFTS PARENTS WILL WISH THEY HAD. That's right. The bib's soft water-resistant fabric will contain drool and keep baby's clothes dry and clean (less laundry!!). Malarkey products hold up wash after wash keeping colors bright while maintaining a stylish shape. The three sets of adjustable snaps allow this bib to grow along with your baby, it can be worn for months and months longer than other bibs & still be in good enough shape to pass down to other siblings.STILL NOT CONVINCED THE BUDDY BIB IS GOING TO SIMPLIFYYOUR LIFEAND BECOME YOUR BABY'S FAVORITE TEETHING TOY? No need to trust our word or the word of many satisfied parents who have already bought the Buddy Bib simply pressing the "add to cart" button to let your baby's joyful reaction to their new toy tell you the Malarkey Buddy Bib with its trendy and durable characters is indeed their most sought after, treasured and played with toy. read more