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Belk Beauty Women 3 Piece Lip Kit - Gulf Shores - Raspberry Red - Set

Belk Beauty 3 Piece Lip Kit - Gulf Shores. The weather is beautiful, wish you were here! Greetings from Gulf Shores, AL! The raspberry red shade of this 3-piece lip kit by Belk Beauty exudes the unique charm of Gulf Shores, Alabama - one of our favorite Southern beaches. With coordinating lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner, you have an entire lip look in one easy on-the-go kit. Great for traveling or tossing in your handbag. Nothing says Belk Beauty like the perfect easy on-the-go kit. Great for traveling or tossing in your handbag. Nothing says Belk Beauty like the perfect pout - every Southern girl’s cant-leave-home-without accessory… especially on vacation! Yall come back! XOXO, Belk Beauty What it is: Raspberry red lipstick with matching lip gloss and lip pencil. The texture of the lipstick is delightfully creamy, with a satin sheer finish. The Lipstick comes in a super lightweight case, made of paper (!) - the absolute ideal scenario for traveling, keeping the weight of your suitcase to a minimum, and taking the load off of your already heavy handbag. The shade-matched label makes it easy to find the right color within the depths of your bag. With a really subtle shimmer, the lip gloss can be worn alone or layered on top of the lipstick for the boldest look. The soft, luscious lip liner glides on lips for a subtle outline, giving the gloss and lipstick something to adhere to. This will increase staying power and prevent color from bleeding into fine lines. Plus it plays up your pout, helping lips appear fuller, younger, and more defined. How to apply: Part your lips slightly so you can see the natural shape. Starting at the center-top of your upper lip, trace your natural lip line, working outward. Move in light, short strokes so you can be more precise, rather than trying to trace over your line in one smooth movement. Then trace your bottom lip, starting at the center-bottom working outward. Using swift, short strokes, fill in your entire lips with liner. This will give you a good base that will help your lipstick stay put longer. It will also help keep the lip color even, meaning the lipstick won't change color where it overlaps with the liner. Starting at the center of your lips and working outwards, apply the lipstick all over lips. Leave as-is, or dial up the glamour with shimmering gloss. Reapply as needed. Pro tip: Make sure lips are hydrated with a light moisturizing balm for easier, smoother application. read more