I Love My Deep Waver — and So Do Thousands of Other Amazon Customers

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Bed Head Deep Waver

I'm not a beauty editor, but I'm always on the hunt for tools and products that make my routine more effective and efficient. Whether I'm getting done up for a night out on the town or just freshening up before a date, I always try to get ready in as little time as possible. My sister-in-law recognized this and gifted me a huge time-saver one Christmas: This deep crimper from Bed Head, which can be found on Amazon. Thanks to this deep crimper, doing my hair has never been faster or easier. Not only does it feature large barrels, so I can curl more hair at once, but it also heats up within minutes, saving me even more time during my getting-ready routine. Plus, with only three switches to maneuver (on and off, high and low, lock and unlock), using this tool is truly a breeze.

Shortly after I wake up, I like to turn on the Bed Head deep crimper so it starts warming up (don't forget to move the heat setting to your preferred level, depending on your hair type). While it's warming up, I'll do my makeup and by the time I've applied the finishing touches to my eyes using a waterproof mascara, I'm ready to move on to my hair. P.S. I suggest using my favorite post-shower hair oil to help defrizz and nourish your locks before heat styling.

When you're ready, pull the top two-thirds of your hair up into a ponytail, while leaving the bottom third free. Take a section of the bottom third of your hair, clamp down around the root and work your way down each section of hair until you're ready to move on to the next section. Reviewers can't get over the finished results (and how little time it takes to achieve those results), saying, "This makes awesome beauty waves and only takes about 15 minutes to do all of my hair!" Even if your hair is long, using this tool should take less than 30 minutes — leaving you plenty of time to paint your nails a pretty fall color and pick out a stylish dress.

Buy It! $29; amazon.com

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