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7 Face Masks For Self-Care Spa Nights

There’s nothing quite like winding down after a long day by relaxing and treating yourself to a luxurious face mask. Face masks are applied directly to the face by smoothing on creams or gently pressing on sheets to pamper and treat your skin. There are different types of face masks to choose from, each with their own unique application and benefits. From masks that moisturize to masks that exfoliate, here is a guide to the various different kinds of masks you’ll want for your next spa night.

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Clay Masks Deep Clean Your Pores

Clay masks are wet and soft when you smooth them onto your face, but harden and dry as they sit, pulling dirt and excess oils off your face in the process. They are typically great for oily and acne-prone skin, although certain products cater toward different skin types so be sure to look for one that is right for your skin type. If you have dry skin, a moisturizing mask is a great option. If you have acne-prone skin, look for one that targets those pesky blemishes. Clay masks are generally intended to be applied for a short period of time before being rinsed off for a tightened and refreshed feeling. Be sure to read the instructions on the package to know how long to relax with the mask on your face.

Sheet Masks Offer Easy Application and Removal

If applying cream masks isn’t for you, you might want to try a sheet mask. These disposable masks are saturated with serums that soak into your skin while you rest with the mask applied. Loved for their easy application and clean-up, these are the perfect masks to pack while traveling or for nights when you want luxury without any hassle. Since these masks contain serum, there are a variety of different skin benefiting types to choose from, like brightening masks or ultra hydrating options.

Rubber Masks Lock In Moisture

Slightly thicker than a sheet mask, rubber masks are also great options for those who don’t want to rinse residue off their skin after the mask is done. Rubber sheets lay on top of the skin and allow seriums to soak in just like the sheet masks do, but the thicker material allows for less evaporation during the process, meaning more of those nutrients are going directly into your skin. This type of mask, like sheet masks, are popular in Korean beauty skin care routines.

Exfoliating Face Masks Scrub Away Impurities

Face masks that have added exfoliating properties are applied by smoothing the cream onto your skin like a clay mask, however, these generally involve an initial step of gently rubbing the mask in small circular motions around your face prior to letting it sit and dry. This scrubs away dead skin cells and other impurities, allowing the mask to soak even deeper into your skin for a soft and clean result. Be gentle when applying these, as you do not want to scrub too hard and irritate your face.

Peel Off Face Masks Remove Dirt And Grime

Some face masks start as a gel or liquid-type base, and harden to a pliable mask as they dry that you gently peel off to remove. These masks are typically great for handling stubborn blackheads and clogged pores, since they remove dirt and grime when they are removed. Minimized pores are not the only thing peel off face masks are known for, however. They often offer exfoliation properties like exfoliating masks, as they also remove dead skin when they are peeled off.

Cream Masks Can Sometimes Be Left On Overnight

Some cream masks are intended to be left on your skin for an extended period of time so they can really do their job. These masks can be rejuvenating and hydrating and offer benefits like anti-aging properties or an antioxidant boost. If you’re worried about not having enough time to let the mask set in, try an overnight mask. These are meant to be applied before bed and left on to work while you snooze. Not all masks are created equal, however, so make sure the cream mask you choose is intended to be left on, and properly rinse or wash it off after use if its instructions say so.

Gel Masks Are Cooling And Refreshing

>Like cream masks, some gel masks are intended to be left on the skin, and some are intended to be removed after use. What’s especially great about gel masks are their cooling, refreshing application. Pop your mask into the fridge a few minutes prior to applying it for an extra kick. These masks offer a variety of benefits to your skin based on the brand and type you choose, so as with others, make sure you find one that was created with your skin type in mind.