6 Bath Products That Take Self-Care to a New Level

6 Bath Products That Take Self-Care to a New Level

Self-care isn't just about face masks and meditation. You can incorporate relaxation rituals into your bathroom, too. From soothing candles to cushy bath mats to body oils, here are six of our favorite products to help de-stress and focus on yourself. Light a candle, draw a bath, and prepare for a little "me" time.

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Turkish Cotton Bath Towels

Super soft, thick, and luxurious — and backed by a lifetime warranty — these towels are so worth the investment. The plush Turkish cotton (available in four colors) makes one reviewer "feel like a queen" whenever she uses her towel. Bonus: These bath sheets are large, clocking in at 40-in. x 70-in., so they're perfect for wrapping up in post-bath and lounging for hours (which, umm, we definitely don't do).

Buy It! $89; brooklinen.com


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Softening Sugar Scrub

With notes of vanilla, cedar, and white musk, this scrub works double duty as an exfoliant and aromatherapy agent. Apply generously on arms, legs, and especially elbows to rid yourself of dead skin cells and let grape, argan, hibiscus, and sesame oils work their nourishing magic. The combination of brown sugar and four oils means it's gentle enough even for sensitive skin. For best results, use it after soaking in the bath and before shaving ...but we'd use it anytime, anywhere if we could.

Buy It! $38; caudalie.com

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Cute and Comfy Bathrobe

Cozy up after bathtime with a robe that's meant to be shown off. Its lightweight cotton material means that it's wearable around the house while keeping you warm and dry. And don't be afraid to hang it on a hook for all to see — the bathrobe's poppy print perks up even the dreariest of bathrooms.

Buy It! $25; worldmarket.com


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Modern Tufted Bath Mat

Green is one of the most soothing colors on the spectrum — and when used with ivory in amodern geometric pattern it's sure to give your bathroom Zen vibes. Made with ultra-cushy tufted cotton, this bath mat actually makes getting out of the shower enjoyable.

Buy It! $15; worldmarket.com

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Chic Citrus Candle

This candle is just plain gorgeous to look at; its calming, citrusy scent is just a bonus. After burning the candle, repurpose its minimalist matte black container as a toothbrush cup, cotton swab holder, or lipstick organizer. Eco-friendly decor easy and cute.
Buy It! $35; freepeople.com


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Balancing Scented Oil

Talk about a multitasker: This oil moisturizes, energizes, and smells great too. It can be massaged directly on skin, or dropped sparingly in a bath for an aromatherapy effect. The scent is characterized by sensual, earthy notes of sandalwood, amber, saffron and rose. According to its manufacturer, the oil even has the power to balance the chakras, if you're into that sort of thing. Even if you're not, its chic black bottle is too pretty to hide.

Buy It! $90; freepeople.com