This Is the One Beauty Tool I Use Every Day — and I Never Leave Home Without It

beautyblender Original Makeup Sponge

I'm all about a dewy, 'au naturel' makeup look — but thanks to occasional breakouts, redness, and old acne scars, I rarely feel comfortable showing off my bare face outside of my home. In order to achieve a well-covered (but still natural-looking) face, I used to grab the nearest medium-finish foundation, preface it with some concealer, and rub it into my skin with — gasp! — my fingers, layer upon layer, until I achieved the coverage I was after. That is, until I discovered the famous beautyblender.

These days, I can't imagine subjecting my face to such treatment (The bacteria! The added oil! The wasted product! Oh my!). So when I first decided to try the beautyblender, it was a total gamechanger. Four years later, I'm a repeat buyer many times over, and have never looked back.

Here's what I love most about the beautyblender: It gives skin a dewy, natural-looking, almost airbrushed look. It's easy to seamlessly add layers of foundation without creating a cakey look, and it blends into my hairline and down my neck like a dream. It's also easy to clean, so I don't have to worry about clogging my pores with bacteria, and one blender lasts for months at a time. Plus, using the sponge is so much easier than applying foundation with my fingers — I just dampen the sponge, apply a few dots of foundation to my hand, then dab it onto my face (no messy cleanup required). I find that the wide end is best for larger surfaces like my cheeks and forehead, while the tapered end gets perfectly into smaller crevices, like the corners of my nose and around my eyes. And since the beautyblender is made to be used while wet, it doesn't soak up foundation like other dry sponges — an absolute essential in my book.

I've tried other off-brand sponges while hoping to relieve my wallet of a bit of burden, but time after time, I've found that nothing compares to the tried-and-true original. That's why I was super excited to find out that Walmart sells my favorite beautyblender — and at a fraction of the price that I had been buying it for. Now, I can feel free to take it with me wherever I go, whenever I need a quick touch-up. Whether I'm at the airport, on a cross-country drive, or just going to my parents' house for the weekend, you can be sure my trusted beautyblender is there with me.

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