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These comfortable Athletic Activewear Yoga Pilates Pants aren't just for yoga! They also pair well with T-shirts, sweaters and long-sleeve tops for a casual ensemble that's great for errand runs, casual get-togethers with friends and just relaxing around the house. These yoga pants have a featured wide elastic waistband that provides a secure fit without feeling abrasive on your skin.Whether you're looking for a comfortable pair of pants to make your workout enjoyabling abrasive on your skin.Whether you're looking for a comfortable pair of pants to make your workout enjoyable or simply a pair of pants to lounge in, these Women's Yoga Pants are what you're looking for. The breathable Polyester blend is super soft, stretchy and durable so you can rest assured that every time you wear these yoga pants it will feel like the first time. Try with a tee or tank top for your next yoga class. These are the ideal pants to wear around the house, for traveling or out to town.Enhance your workout or kick back and relax with Athletic Activewear Women's Leggings. They feature a contour waistband to move when you do, fits snuggly around your waist without being abrasive or uncomfortable, wicking to keep you dry and an anti-microbial treatment to reduce odor for an overall fresher feel. These Athletic Activewear Leggings Yoga Pants are machine washable for convenience. These versatile pants are an essential addition to your active and casual wardrobes.Athletic Activewear Women's Juniors' Pilates Yoga Pants Sport Workout Tight Skinny Leggings:90% Polyester, 10% SpandexSoft, lightweight and stretchyWomen's Yoga PantsAnkle lengthComfortable wide elastic waistbandGusset for movementSlimming active seamingAvailable in assorted sizes and colorsYoga pants are a type of flexible, form-fitting pants designed for the practice of yoga as well as other physical activities that involve a lot of movement, bending and stretching. They are typically worn for sports and physical exercise, martial arts, dancing, pilates, or aerobics. These pants are generally made from a blend of cotton, lycra spandex, nylon, polyester, wool, or a similarly light and stretchy synthetic material giving the pants a very soft, smooth, polished and silky finish when worn. Although designed specifically for yoga, the pants are also casually worn as everyday dress by many women.Types of yoga pantsThere are various types and styles, including the traditional boot-cut and flared yoga pants with flat waistbands. The typical type of yoga pants traditionally come in black, are tight-fitted, boot-cut, and flared style, are reversible, carry a four way stretch fabric and have a flat elastic waistband folded over at the top. The traditional boot-cut and flared yoga pants with waistbands are the most well-known and most popular type, generally used for casual wear, active wear, lounge wear, maternity wear, dancewear or clubwear. They are tight-fitted, giving them flexibility and comfort as well as the moisture-wicking fabrics within the pants move perspiration away from the body to the fabric's outer surface where it can evaporate giving the pants an advantage when worn during physical activities that exert heavy perspiration keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. The flat and fold-over waists are utilized to provide flexibility, comfort, coverage, style, breathability and versatility. Flat and fold-over waist boot cut and flare yoga pants are commonly used as casual wear, workout and exercise wear, maternity wear, making errands, lounging around the house, yoga class, or as clubwear as women would wear the body-hugging pants to permit freedom of movement when dancing during nights out at their local nightclub. Typically, the more spandex in the yoga pants, the more likely they are used as exercise, dance or clubwear. The more cotton fabrics are more commonly used for loungewear. read more