"It's hard for the guys too," she tells the BBC in a new interview

By Simon Perry
September 07, 2018 12:15 PM

Zara Tindall is opening up about the “horrible road” of suffering two miscarriages — as well as the strain it put on her husband.

Tindall, 37, who recently returned to equestrian competition after giving birth to baby Lena (pronounced Lay-na) in June, told the BBC in a new interview that her husband, Mike Tindall, felt “helpless” after she endured two miscarriages between having 4-year-old daughter Mia and Lena.

Tearing up during the interview with BBC Breakfast, she said she has “a very supportive family. Mike’s incredible — and it’s hard for the guys too.”

Zara and Mike Tindall on August 9, 2018.
Christopher Ison

“It’s very different for us, because we’re carrying the child, but for guys I guess it’s kind of that helpless feeling, which must be incredibly horrible for them,” she said. “At the end of the day they’ve still lost a child too.”

“Being helpless is horrible isn’t it? So . . . it’s been a horrible road but, you know, actually now we’ve come out the end of it, hopefully it makes you a stronger family.”

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Tindall, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest granddaughter, also discussed dealing with her loss in such a public way. “In our situation, everyone knew. And very much when things like that happen, normally it’s just your family and friends, but unfortunately everyone knew about it,” she said.

“Actually I had so many letters saying, ‘I’m so sorry, we’ve been through the same thing,’ which was incredible — and thank you to all those people. But it just showed how often it does happen.”

Zara Tindall and daughter Mia on July 1, 2018.
Andrew Matthews/PA Images/Getty Images

On Friday, Tindall took part in the Whatley Manor International Horse Trials in Gloucestershire, where Lena was spotted in the care of one of Zara’s oldest friends, Dolly Maude.