February 15, 2018 12:27 PM

During his engagement interview with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry admitted that he hadn’t watched her legal drama, Suits, the show that launched his bride-to-be’s acting career. But it turns out that there is a royal Suits fan  — she just isn’t part of Harry’s family.

Sweden’s Princess Madeleine is a big fan of Suits, according to the princess’s husband Christopher O’Neill.

O’Neill dished about his wife’s television habits in a new interview with the Swedish men’s fashion magazine, King. In addition to Suits, she’s also a fan of another show with a royal connection: The Crown, the Netflix drama chronicling the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. O’Neill himself is not a fan of either show — he prefers reading and listening to music over watching television.

Christopher O'Neill and Princess Madeleine with their children Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas
Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images

Madeleine’s in good company in her love for The Crown: The Queen’s newly-engaged granddaughter Princess Eugenie is a fan of the show, and actress Alicia Vikander recently spoke to Prince William about the show during his and Kate Middleton’s official visit to Sweden last month.

In the interview, O’Neill also spoke about the celebrity that has come with his marriage to Madeleine. O’Neill turned down the offer of a royal title at the time of his 2013 wedding, preferring to remain a private citizen so he could continue his career in finance in London and New York.

“I have no desire to achieve any kind of fame, nor have any benefits of it in my professional life,” O’Neill said. “But you learn to live with it. It happens that I’m mad about Madeleine. I’ve met the woman in my life, the woman I love.”

Because of his reluctance to be in the spotlight, O’Neill’s interview with King is only the second public interview he’s ever given. It comes during an exciting time for the couple: Princess Madeleine is due to give birth to their third child in March

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