Michelle Tauber
May 11, 2016 05:30 PM

Wilmer Valderrama has a new role: wheelchair rugby coach.

The That ’70s Show star is coaching Team Jaguar for Wednesday’s Jaguar Land Rover Wheelchair Rugby Exhibition Match, which is being held in Orlando, Florida, as part of Prince Harry‘s Invictus Games events. (WWE superstar John Cena is coach of the opposing Land Rover team.)

An active supporter of the troops who has done USO shows around the world, Valderrama tells PEOPLE of Invictus, “it’s about the ability to put your fire into something and achieve.”

As for the sport of wheelchair rugby, “it’s full-contact, no pads, no helmets, full-throttle. It’s everything Americans love about sports! It doesn’t get more tough than these guys.” (Derek Hough, NFL pro Eric Decker and his wife, singer Jessie James Decker, are among the celebrity competitors playing in tonight’s match.)

Valderrama also spoke about his upcoming Lip Sync Battle with Gina Rodriguez, which airs Thursday night on Spike.

“The No. 1 advice I’d give is, ‘Don’t take it seriously!’ It was so fun. I only wanted to do songs that people knew the words to.”

Meet the Inspiring Stars of the U.S. Invictus Team

After the promo clip for the episode debuted yesterday, “The Backstreet Boys tweeted me!” says Valderrama. “We all started at the same time: N Sync, Britney, Christina, Backstreet, That ’70s Show. We would all see each other at events and it was like, ‘Hope you stick around!’ Then five years later, ‘Still here!’

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“For me it was like, ‘I know these guys. It will be hilarious.’ You just let it go and try to have as much fun as possible.”

What did girlfriend Demi Lovato think of his performance?

“She was there. Everyone was like, ‘Wow, your body roll is very good!’ ”

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