Plans for the revamp of their future residence at Anmer Hall call for added luxury and privacy

By Phil Boucher
Updated April 02, 2013 11:30 AM
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Right now she’s likely more interested in picking out onesies and the ideal stroller for Kensington Palace Gardens. But when the Duchess of Cambridge does give birth to the future king or queen of England, she can rest assured that he or she will have the perfect country hideaway to explore as well.

Anmer Hall in Sandringham, which has been gifted to Prince William and Kate by his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is about to undergo a major revamp that will transform it from a formal nine-bedroom Georgian pile into the perfect getaway for the young royal family to enjoy.

The redesigns, by Charles Morris, whose great-great-grandfather Sir John Kelk built London’s Royal Albert Hall, will create a “garden room” off the side of the kitchen that will include a pergola-covered patio for extra privacy and much needed protection from the notorious British weather.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph reports that a nearby wood store will also be converted into a sitting room and lavatory, while a further two berths of a four-block garage will be turned into an “equipment room,” possibly for use by royal police protection officers.

To increase the family’s privacy still further, the driveway will be re-routed and the public entrance near St Mary’s Church turned into a private entrance accessible only by the Duke and Duchess, while extra trees will be planted around the house to screen William, Kate and the tiny heir from prying eyes.

Planning permission for the work was granted by the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Council last month and expires in 2016, suggesting the alterations to the historic property will get under way soon.

As a result, it’s likely that the current tenant, James Everett, will be asked to move out so that someone smaller – and noisier and more disruptive – can move in.