Britain is abuzz that the couple could move to Anmer Hall in Norfolk

By Simon Perry
Updated January 10, 2013 04:00 PM
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It’s a house fit for a (future) king.

That’s the speculation in Britain, where the magnificent Anmer Hall on the Sandringham estate, Queen Elizabeth’s retreat in Norfolk, has been mentioned as a possible family home for William and Kate when they leave Wales.

A report in the Sunday Telegraph suggested the house, in the tiny village of Anmer, 120 miles north of London, is being earmarked for the couple. But it is believed the current tenants may stay for a few more years.

Still, royal preparations could already be in the works. The estate reportedly applied in December for a series of planning measures for the home. Details are not being made public, for security reasons, but PEOPLE has confirmed they include rerouting the driveway into the property, extending a garage block and converting woods stores for accommodation.

Building a new “garden room” is also in the plans.

William knows the house well, as his close friends the van Cutsem family rented it for many years. Emilie van Cutsem, the mother of four sons who are close to Princes William and Harry, was seen by some as a surrogate mother to the princes in their teen years, after they lost their mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

Buckingham Palace had no comment, saying the house is a private home on a private estate.