October 06, 2016 06:19 AM

The sky’s the limit for Prince WilliamPrincess Kate and Prince Harry when it comes to their support for mental health awareness.

The royal trio will add their voices to World Mental Health Day on October 10 at a very special event in London, which will see them take a ride on the landmark London Eye with people who have shared their mental health first aid experiences.

Will, Kate and Harry set up their Heads Together campaign uniting a collection of charities under one umbrella in April.

And they will also speak at what their office at Kensington Palace calls an “upbeat reception with the charities” that form Heads Together. William, Kate and Harry will meet with “people who have received help from a relative, colleague or friend in crucial moments in their lives and the person who provided that support.”

“They are interested in learning about the kind of support that helps and what information is available for people who might find themselves in a situation where they need to help someone or to direct them to professional services,” their office adds in a statement.

The focus of this year’s World Mental Health Day is the importance of “psychological and mental health first aid for all.”

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Later in the day, the Eye [DASH] like other prominent buildings around the world [DASH] will be lit up in purple. The colorful campaign was organized in memory of cyberbullying victim Amanda Todd, a Canadian teen who committed suicide in 2012.

Part of the Heads Together campaign is tackling cyberbullying, an issue William has spoken out about this year”].

Next Monday is the latest in a series of engagements the trio has carried out since the launch. Harry held a relaxed BBQ at the palace, while William and Kate have highlighted the issue around the country and in Canada last week.

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