A rocking horse, sheepskin boots and soccer balls are among the presents the little prince received from dignitaries around the world
Credit: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/PA

The little Prince made out like a king.

From sports equipment to the latest in toddler fashion, 18-month-old Prince George was showered with some 90 gifts from royals, dignitaries and friends around the world this past year.

A rocking horse, sheepskin boots and rugby gear were among the presents from officials and organizations his parents – Prince William and Kate – received during their three-week visit to New Zealand and Australia, according to a list of gifts given to members of the royal family during their overseas tours, which were released by the palace Wednesday.

In addition, the royal family was showered with 610 unofficial presents – including stuffed animals, colorful toys, pictures, clothes, and sports equipment – from euphoric fans.

As well as the publicly-seen gifts such as his first surfboard and skateboard, George received soccer balls, a rugby shirt, a cricket bat and a pair of sheepskin boots (from the Premier of New South Wales, Australia, according to the Palace).

He also got a rocking horse from the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales, when William and Kate toured an agricultural show on the outskirts of Sydney.

In Australia alone, Prince George received from members of the public: 121 items of clothing, 120 books, five textile items, one piece of stationary, 18 pieces of sporting equipment, one plaque, three pictures, seven photographs, four perishable items, one musical instrument, five ornaments, one piece of jewelery, nine household items, 219 games and toys, two DVDs, two coins and four CDs.

In New Zealand, he got 23 books, one coin, 17 items of clothing, one DVD, one piece of furniture, 30 games and toys, two household items, three ornaments, two perishable items, seven pieces of sporting equipment, three pieces of stationery and one textile item, according to the Palace, as well as a miniature Maltese cross from the President of Malta.

On one visit to Brisbane during their tour Down Under, young helpers were seen carrying away box after box of presents from members of an adoring public.

Moreover, when William and Kate visited the U.S last month, George got a dressing gown from the Carlyle Hotel, where the couple stayed, while William and Kate received their own share of goodies.

Kate, 33, who didn’t meet President Barack Obama was nevertheless the recipient of a basket of honey.

And it wasn’t just his parents receiving goods on his behalf. When his grandfather Prince Charles, 66, and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, 67, headed to Canada, they were handed about 25 gifts, including a leather flying jacket.

At 88, Queen Elizabeth II is still doing some traveling, and when she visited Normandy and Paris in June to mark the anniversary of D-Day, President Francois Hollande gave her a 15-piece Sevres porcelain tea set and a set of Hermes photograph albums of the Queen’s previous visits to France, presented in a leather case.

Among presents of hardback books, silver-framed photographs and commemorative items marking her visits to towns and cities, there is the listing of a large wooden coffee grinder from the ambassador of Jordan as well as a very practical one for a woman who has plenty of muddy boots heading into her country homes: a bristle brush boot scraper (from a school in Essex, just east of London).

On his travels, Prince Andrew, 54, received a model of a dow from the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science, a model of a VW Beetle when he visited a car factory in Germany and a postal delivery of some mangoes from the President of Pakistan.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent him a copy of her book Hard Choices, and on a visit in the U.K. he was handed a CD by the rock band Arctic Monkeys.

And, in the run-up to Christmas, he was sent a platter of dates by Saudi Arabian Ambassador Mohammed bin Nawaf Al-Saud.

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