"She was super cool and approachable," says actor Christian Keyes of his Zoolander-style role with Meghan

By Janine Rubenstein
April 09, 2018 02:56 PM

What did the five future royal fingers say to the face?

Meghan Markle knows the answer to that riddle, as evidenced in a funny 2012 movie scene (watch above) she starred in opposite actor Christian Keyes.

Keyes, 42, who stars in BET’s buzzy new legal drama In Contempt, recently stopped by People Now and recalled the time he acted alongside Meghan, 36, in the small film Dysfunctional Friends.

“I was pimp slapped by the queen!” he joked of his scene with the royal bride-to-be — who’s actually a long way from Queen Elizabeth’s title, but will officially become a “princess of the United Kingdom” when she marries Prince Harry on May 19.

In the scene, Keyes plays an oiled-up, ambitious model sitting for a shoot with Meghan. “She played a photographer and I played this black Zoolander character,” he explains.

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Just before the scene, “[Meghan] said, ‘I might improv an extra smack,’ and I was like, ‘smack away!’” recalls Keyes. “I knew she was going to put a little hand on it. She had some torque and rotation in the wrist.”

Looking back,“It was one of her first acting gigs and she has [acting] chops, she had them back then. She was great on set. She was super cool and approachable. She was a class act.”

Keyes, like Meghan in Suits, now plays an attorney on In Contempt. He calls his character Charlie “the most fun I’ve had on any project.” He also stars on Supernatural, where he plays the archangel Michael, Lucifer’s brother.

Credit: Courtesy BET

Actors Charlie Riggs and Christian Keyes on In Contempt

A Detroit native who drove trucks before moving to Hollywood to pursue acting, Keyes says it wasn’t until around the time of his movie moment with Meghan that “things really started kicking up” in career.

After news broke that his former cast mate would soon be English royalty, the actor says someone sent Keyes the old clip and stated, “You know you got smacked by the future Queen, right?”

In Contempt airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on BET.