By Simon Perry
Updated January 15, 2016 10:40 AM
Paul Hackett/Getty

Queen Elizabeth‘s 90th birthday bash is less than five months away – and it’s being billed as the “biggest street party” the country has ever seen!

The four-day extravaganza will include the Patrons’ Lunch on June 12. Ten thousand people are expected to attend the event, which is being held in the magnificent Mall – the central London road leading up to Buckingham Palace’s gates.

Tickets for the lunch, which is being organized by Peter Phillips, the Queen’s oldest grandchild and the son of Princess Anne, won’t come cheap at $215 per person.

“It’s not exactly a cheap exercise,” Phillips told reporters Friday. “Fortunately our corporate partners have provided the funding for the majority of the costs.”

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He added, “This is a not-for-profit event. SEL is being paid a set fee basically to take this from sign-off from the palace through to delivery of the event.”

While the lunch is organized by Phillips, 38, and his company SEL, cousins Prince William and Prince Harry, who are joint presidents of the event, will also be in attendance.

More than 600 charities and organizations of which the Queen is a patron will be able to buy 9,000 of the tickets and sell up to 40 percent of them in fundraising events. A ballot will open to the public for the remaining 1,000 tickets in February. Winners will then be able to buy them from the event’s website.

The Queen, who turns 90 in April, will attend the event with husband Prince Philip. (The Queen’s actual birthday is on April 21 – but she normally publicly marks her milestone in June, with the Trooping the Colour parade in London.)

The Patrons’ Lunch comes at the end of a weekend full of festivities. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will attend a service of thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Friday, June 10, which also happens to be Prince Philip’s 95th birthday. Then the royal family will attend the annual Trooping the Colour.

As he announced the latest news about the event, Phillips also praised his grandmother as “an inspiration, not only to the country but to us as a family.”

While Phillips admitted it was “a little strange” having the Queen for a grandmother, he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: ‘If you’re growing up with that sort of thing, there’s never really that moment when you go, ‘Oh wow,’ ”

He continued, “We had great fun growing up on our holidays, going to stay with her at Sandringham, Balmoral and Windsor and we were incredibly lucky to be able to share a lot of our childhood time with her.

“You know, her work ethic and her dedication is something that I think the whole family has always inspired to, at least get somewhere near.”