"Mental well-being is an area which both the Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry are interested in," a royal aide tells PEOPLE

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Life never stands still for Prince William.

The second-in-line to the British throne only started work with the East Anglian Air Ambulance in March, but he’s already looking to shape the role he will play when Queen Elizabeth scales back her workload in the next couple of years.

A royal aide has confirmed to PEOPLE that the father of two is keen to focus on mental health as one of his key priorities after his two-year stint at the Air Ambulance finishes and he assumes increased royal responsibilities.

To smooth this transition, William, 33, has already made a number of secret visits to young people who are struggling to cope in an attempt to discover more about the issues they face and what he can do to help. It’s an issue his wife, Princess Kate, 33, has already made one of her key causes.

“Mental well-being is an area which both the Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry are interested in,” the royal aide tells PEOPLE.

“It is an area which the Duke is starting to explore as to whether he can help in any way in that sector, while recognizing that there are an awful lot of people doing a lot of great work around it already. So it is quite exploratory at the moment.”

William is said to be particularly interested in helping those suffering from depression, breakdowns, cyberbullying and homophobic bullying.

Having lost his own mother, Princess Diana, at the age of 15, he is understandably keen to also help young people who are struggling to deal with the grief of losing their own loved ones at an early age.

When he spends time with them he finds that, partly based on his own experiences, he is able to connect deeply with them and help have a positive impact, an aide tells the Sunday Times.

Kate has previously established children’s mental health as one of her key causes and is patron of Place2Be charity, which provides emotional support to children in schools.

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As an early indication of what the future might hold, both Kate and William visited the 1851 Trust in Portsmouth last month. The Trust aims to encourage children from underprivileged households to pursue their interests in the maritime industry through education and special sailing events.

“The Duchess has being doing work in children’s mental health for quite a while now,” the aide tells PEOPLE.

“This is another aspect of the emotional well-being focus for them both.”

Prince Harry has his own sectors that he wants to look at himself.”

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