The Will-and-Kate inspired book is going to be a movie

October 19, 2015 06:00 PM

The ultimate royal wish-fulfillment story is headed to theaters.

The Royal We is a fictional take on Prince William and Princess Kate‘s love story as well as the debut novel from Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, the voices behind the fashion website Go Fug Yourself. The book is taking the leap to the big screen – with some familiar faces behind it.

Former Parenthood co-stars Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman are teaming up to bring the book to life in a movie adaptation for CBS Films. (The Hollywood Reporter reported the news first.) “Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman are both such smart, awesome women,” Morgan tells PEOPLE. “Our book could not be in better hands.”

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The Royal We, published this past April, may share many similarities with Prince William and Princess Kate‘s relationship, but this tale has an American heroine, Bex, who meets her prince while studying abroad at Oxford.

However, just like with Will and Kate, The Royal We‘s Prince Nicholas is a military man, has a younger brother, Freddie (a redhead!), and a once hounded-by-the-paparazzi mother. There’s even a “Pippa” substitute: Bex has a beautiful, fun-loving sister too.

The story follows a story similar to the one people watched unfold in Will and Kate‘s own lives: A college romance, nights out in London, a brief split, and of course: A royal wedding.

Despite the links between the real life royals and The Royal We characters, Cocks and Morgan – who looked to back issues of PEOPLE for story inspiration – said they were dedicated to creating a different set of characters.

“It truly isn’t Wills and Kate,” Cocks told PEOPLE. “Yes, it was an idea borne of watching their seemingly courtship in the media, but through Bex’s eyes we had the freedom we needed to imagine all the potential behind-the-scenes emotions and conflicts of that love story.”

On the production side, Graham will pen the script, while Whitman will potentially act in the project. Together, the one-time on-screen mom-daughter duo will produce the project.

“Bex Porter loves junk food and bad TV, so she’d make a great honorary Gilmore Girl,” Cocks said of Graham. “And Mae is so funny and lively, but then can absolutely break your heart with tears. I made an extremely undignified yelping noise when this all came together. I can’t imagine anyone but Lauren and Mae bringing this to life.”

While Whitman and Graham will be leading the charge, Cocks and Morgan are still hoping to be involved in (certain aspects) of the filming process.

“I just hope we can be flies on the wall when they audition for the princes,” Cocks said. “I promise to be very quiet. But very attentive.”

A release date for the film has not yet been set.

Reporting by SIMON PERRY

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