From Margaret to May

Credit: Antony Jones/UK Press/Getty

It’s a fierce female flashback!

On Wednesday, Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron officially left 10 Downing Street for the last time (he resigned his post in the wake of the Brexit vote last month), and the house is welcoming a new prime minister, Theresa May. She officially took over the job today after meeting with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

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May’s rise to the top is resulting in many comparisons to Margaret Thatcher, the first-ever woman to hold the country’s highest political office, and who was, up until today, the only woman to do so.

The relationship between the Queen and Thatcher has long been the subject of public fascination – and the two were reported to not have been the best of friends.

Author Andrew Marr wrote in The Real Elizabeth that the two had a “difficult” relationship. In his book Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, author Charles Moore says the Queen found Thatcher to be “uncaring” after the two clashed on Britain’s approach to sanction on South Africa in the era of arpatheid.

Despite some tensions, the two ended up developing a mutual respect for one another.

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“The Queen always saw the point of Margaret Thatcher,” A senior Buckingham Palace official at the time of Thatcher’s term said, according to Marr. “She understood that she was necessary.

Now, all eyes are on May and Her Majesty as they navigate their newfound relationship.