Including a commemorative mug, of course!

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Upon the announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to Suits actress Meghan Markle, companies have wasted no time commemorating the event with tea cups, tea towels, thimbles and other household items. (You know, for when you’re cross-stitching their engagement dates to hang up over the fireplace.) If you’re wondering what to do with all that extra cash around the holidays, here are a few ways to celebrate their precedent-shattering marriage—mostly for twenty pounds or less. (That’s 26 dollars, FYI. But love is priceless, remember that.)

Long-sleeved t-shirt

It’s unisex, because bad movie puns should be accessable to all.

Women’s graphic tee

We look forward someone wearing this and voicing the delusion and bitterness we’re too embarrassed to admit.

This other women’s graphic tee

A more subtle lament. Stay classy.

Coffee mug

These are actually pretty cute; we’re kind of into these.

A photo opp with cardboard cutout Prince Harry

Again, we’re not quite sure what’s going on here. But looks like there’s beer involved, so that’s a plus.

“It should have been me” wall art

Hang it next to your poster of Justin Timberlake, who had the gall to marry another woman.


We’re just digging this style, 0% irony. We’d commission Pegasus Art for a mural any day.

Men’s graphic tee

We can’t help but wonder what the customer demographics are on this. Also, the company is called “DB Prince Harry Shirts.” (Just goes to show, there’s a niche for everyone. Just gotta find yours.)

Screen-printed coffee mug

Apparently 928 people have viewed this item today. We’re still trying to figure out what this means.

Screen-printed throw pillow

Clutch this in anticipation when watching the broadcast affair, if it happens to be televised—which doesn’t look likely, at the moment.

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