The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Stay at Longitude 131

The royal couple go "glamping" without baby George in Uluru

Photo: Courtesy Longitude 131. Inset:Rex USA

After a romantic stroll and a rather uncomfortable photo call, Prince William and wife Kate were able to spend some quality couple time under the stars before leaving Australia and heading home.

Without baby George for a night, the royal duo went “glamping” at the closest upmarket accommodation to Uluru, a luxurious lodge named Longitude 131.

At $2,000 a night, they were in one of the 15 “tents” – structures with a glass side looking out toward the rock and a canopy roof that gives the sensation of camping.

They were based there during the day of activities centered around the iconic rock and then returned after watching the sunset at a viewing spot.

They likely dined out under the stars at the beautiful spot and then woke early Wednesday to watch the sunrise through the glass window.

After breakfast, the couple flew to Adelaide, where Kate wore her third Alexander McQueen outfit of the tour.

It was the second (and last) night that they spent away from George, but they reunited with him Wednesday evening at Government House, Canberra, the same day the 9-month-old prince received his own skateboard. A specified Source does not have a playlist capable player configured. Make sure there is at least one player with "Display Playlist" enabled.

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