Corgis in 'The Crown' ! See the Queen's Favorite Dogs Play Out One of the Show's Most Pivotal Scenes

The Crown takes on a whole new life when corgis are involved

The Crown has gone to the dogs.

The marketing geniuses behind the Netflix smash success series — which chronicles the reign of Queen Elizabeth II — released a new spoof video that’s almost better than the real deal, as it swaps out actors Claire Foy and Matt Smith and replaces them with Her Majesty’s favorite dogs: corgis.

The corgis star in a rework of one of the show’s most iconic scenes, where the Queen gets into a heated argument with her husband, Prince Philip, ahead of her coronation about whether or not he’ll kneel to her at the event. Though Foy and Smiths’ voices are heard, we only see the pooches — dressed in full royal attire, including furry cloaks and of course, a crown.

Claire Foy in The Crown. Robert Viglasky/Netflix

The dog version of Prince Philip, however, is easier to please than his human counterpart: After the Queen corgi tells the Prince Philip corgi that he does have to kneel to her, whether he likes it or not, she pushes a dog bone his way to ease the emotional pain. That’s all it takes to put a smile on his face. If only it was as simple to soothe the insecurities of the show’s actual Prince Philip.

Well, we know that showrunners are looking to replace Foy and Smith for the show’s third season. And if this video is any indication, they’ve already found the top pups for the job.

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