The Beckhams Are Royally Richer Than the Queen of England Thanks to $712 Million Fortune

There s one British family that has the Queen of England beat

Photo: Karwai Tang/Wireimage; Samir Hussein/Wireimage

With her castles, estates and collection of rare artworks, Queen Elizabeth has an impressive net worth, but there s one British family that has the Queen of England beat: the Beckhams.

The superstar family is now outpacing the Queen, 89, in value, according to a study of the earnings of former soccer star David, fashion mogul Victoria and their four children.

A report by the London School of Marketing concluded that the Hollywood couple and their children – Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 10, and 4-year-old Harper – are valued at 470 million ($712 million), while the Queen is thought to be worth 340 million ($515 million).

The experts of the study analyzed not just the wealth created by the power couple s various businesses, but the global dazzle of their children as well – Romeo is already modeling for Burberry, while Brooklyn has amassed over four million Instagram followers, underscoring his appeal.

According to the study, the Beckhams currently pull in up to 40 million ($60.60 million) a year. David’s soccer-related business Footworks is worth 150 million ($227 million), the Beckham label for the couple’s endorsements is at 70 million ($106 million) and Beckham Ventures, Victoria’s fashion business, is worth 60 million ($91 million). On top of these sky-high figures is 190 million ($288 million) in assets.

Anton Dominique, chief marketing officer at the London School of Marketing, said: “The Beckham brand has been used to advertise everything from designer clothes, to satellite television and even whisky. What s also interesting is that the family name is almost as influential as any individual family member.”

Even though the Beckhams are raking in the most dough, it s been a very good year over at the palace for Britain s longest-reigning monarch. According to The Sunday Times annual Rich List, the Queen’s wealth rose by 10 million (around $15 million) this year. The Queen, who owns Balmoral Castle (where she is currently staying), and Sandringham House, benefitted from a rise in land and estate values.

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