Who needs an introduction?

By Maura Hohman
June 26, 2018 12:56 PM

Royal rules were made to be broken, right?

That was Susan Sarandon‘s approach when she excitedly walked up to Queen Elizabeth and shook her hand at Sunday’s Royal Windsor Cup polo match. Royal protocol states that guests should wait to be introduced to the Queen before speaking to her.

At the Royal Windsor Cup on June 24, Susan Sarandon shakes hands with Queen Elizabeth without waiting to be introduced.
DAVID HARTLEY/Shutterstock
Despite the rule-breaking, the Queen looks like she enjoyed meeting Sarandon on June 24.

Sarandon was likely unaware of the tradition, but the Queen seemed to enjoy her company all the same. The monarch, 92, offered a big smile while her husband, Prince Philip, 97, appeared not to recognize Sarandon. U.K. outlet the Daily Express reported that he leaned across his wife seemingly to get a better look at the face of their visitor.

Susan Saradon looked glamorous in a crisp, white dress and big sunglasses at the Royal Windsor Cup on June 24.

Sporting a low-cut white dress and red sandals, the Academy Award-winning actress, 71, stood out at the event, the oldest tournament that takes place on the Windsor grounds. This was the second weekend polo event in a row for the royal couple.